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bibmomma Austin, Texas
A Texan, a mom, a librarian....that's me! Also, a person with Parkinson's Disease who wants to... More
lisapenn California
Expert writer about relationships and marriage, from personal experience...Passionate about... More
greeneyedmanda Pomona, Missouri
I'm just a girl from a small Missouri town trying to make the best of what I've been given in... More
iloveyou California
I'm on here because I'm looking into MPD. I'm a nice, kinda shy person, but can be outgoing. I... More
happiest doula California
I am an educator of The Happiest Baby on the Block and offer private lessons (in person and by... More

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'Cause You've Got... Personality! by Carrie Patient Expert I saw this little questionnaire on one my favorite blogs, "A Tasty Life" and I thought these would be fun questions to answer! How about you? 10 Questions about My Personality 1. When a cashier...
Cancer Causes Personal Bankruptcy by Davis Liu Medical Doctor are the leading cause of personal bankruptcy in this country. There is a financial reason that healthcare reform...
Acne Caused By Pasteurized Dairy: How One Person Figured It Out by Seth Roberts .. Doctor of Philosophy A reader of this blog named Tony Mach how he figured out that his acne was caused by pasteurized dairy products: In summer 2010 my health problems got noticeably worse (unrefreshing sleep...
What would cause a leg clot in an otherwise healthy person? by Dr. Gabe M. Medical Doctor blood flow to kill a person. In a report in the British medical journal, Lancet (April 1, 2006), doctors at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine showed that infections may cause sudden clotting...
What causes a person to develop agoraphobia and panic attacks? by David M. Patient Expert Posted:  agoraphobia I am not referring to the trigger of the attacks but rather things in a persons past experience that would cause someone to develop the condition later in life. I ask...
What causes a person to get a panic attack? by David M. Patient Expert , it has to do with some sense of underlying anxiety about something. It usually has nothing to do with what the person is doing when they have a panic attack. For some reason, anxiety is elevated at a certain place and the person begins...
Can Alzheimer's Cause a Person to Forget How to Walk? by Bob DeMarco Patient Expert One of my biggest worries as the sole caregiver for my mother was that she would forget how to walk? Bob DeMarco Alzheimer's Reading Room Years before she was officially diagnosed with probable Alzheimer's, my mother be
The leading cause of personal bankruptcy in the United States is unpaid medical bills. by Dr. Aniruddha M. Medical Doctor The leading cause of personal bankruptcy in the United States is unpaid medical bills.: "The U. S. health-care system, according to “Uninsured in America,” has created a group of people who increasingly...
The Automatic Prescription Refill Algorithm Causing Havoc at CVS When Not Personally Authorized By the Patient–Attack of t by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven got automatically refilled and billed his insurance on top of that.  Sure it took a person to initiate the auto... a day and she’s been testing for over 20 years.  That caused havoc too as she didn’t want the waste...
San Diego’s Intelligent Personal Trainer discusses the 5 causes of death of how to fix with proper nutrition and exercise by Rivak H. Healthy Living ProfessionalFacebook by over medication *From a nutrient perspective, there are three ingredients which cause these health problems...

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Introduction ... lood cells) or sickle cell anemia (an inherited condition which causes damage to red blood cells). Other types ... » Read on
Causes ... for the body to dispose of iron, so it tends to build up. This causes damage to the organs and can also go on to cause other he ... » Read on