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Hey Everyone!  Hey Everyone, 26 year old female, thyriod cancer and law school... More
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Lucia Gabriela Certified Health Coach. CHC, ADDP I am very proud and fortunate to have studied... More
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and, to determine a possible cause, takes more information. Helpful Buckeye     ...
If you are asking whether you should get something checked, then you should. You won't regret it. As for what this might be anything from muscle spasm to something strange. See a doctor. It could be any number of things from
Can Menopause Cause Dry Eye Syndrome? by Anita Patient Expert have shown that there is an increase in dry eye syndrome in menopausal women due to the hormone fluctuations. Besides the normal hot flashes and night sweats , some women may experience some of these dry eye related symptoms… - Scratchy...
Menopause can cause dry eye syndrome by Cathy T. Healthy Living Professional -Sanders. Menopause Can Cause Dry Eye Syndrome .... But many women are unaware that hormonal changes can also cause problems with their eyes. "I have noticed...
Air drying hair may be more damaging than blow drying! by Sarah B. Patient Expert and it does indeed conclude that “Although using a hair dryer causes more surface damage than natural drying, using a hair dryer at a distance of 15 cm with continuous motion causes less damage than drying hair naturally...
Dry Skin - Prevent Dry Skin By Adopting The Right Skin Care Regime by Danny & Susan S. Health Maven there are no harsh chemicals contained in your soap, as this will remove the ‘Acid Mantel’ and cause your skin to dry... Simple daily routines, such as bathing, showering and towel drying, may actually promote dry skin...
This sounds like an odd reaction to a drink of just wine and orange juice. You may want to check with your doctor.
Dear Ewe - Feeling tired and weak are very common symptoms that can be caused by a wide variety... symptoms for you.  Your doctor should test you for a variety of conditions that can cause fatigue...
Any condition causing your skin to be dry can lead to chafing and irritation. If a moisturizing lotion does not fix the problem, you should have it evaluated by your physician.
. I suggest you have a doctor check you over and investigate why you mouth is dry. This may also be anxiety..., any unusual symptoms should be checked, even when anxiety is the most likely cause as sometimes it isn't...

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Complications Dry socket is one of the most common complications of wisdom too ... » Read on
Causes ... he lens of your eye) that splits the affected eyes image. Other causes include: astigmatism - an abnormal curving of yo ... » Read on