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pneumothorax can cause difficulty breathing depending upon the amount of lung compromised.  In this situation... disease (COPD) cause difficulty breathing via bronchoconstriction (narrowing of the airways).  Emphysema...
Thank you very much for your advice. Dyspnea (shortness of breath) is not usually a side effect... of the breathing reflex. Possibly the most well known relatively recent case is that of former Different Strokes...
Acute breathing difficulties in children by Dave W Healthy Living ProfessionalFacebook . In this article Dr Lisa Anderson discusses the signs, symptoms and causes of acute breathing difficulties... and agitation are important signs. The most common causes of acute breathing difficulties in children...
A Common Cause of Respiratory Difficulties: Laryngeal Paralysis by Dr. Patty Khuly Doctor of Veterinary Medicine to breathe or swallow.   What is Laryngeal Paralysis?   When a dog develops laryngeal paralysis... cannot fully open.     In mild cases, breathing is just slightly restricted, resulting in intermittent...
It sounds like you may have a rib out of place.  You may also have a muscle in that area that's irritated - maybe your rhomboids, lat, or intercostal muscles.  A gentle stretch where you reach up over your head to the side o
Can Sleep Apnea Cause Chronic Sinusitis? by Dr. Steven P. Medical Doctor , but you’re doing nothing to treat what’s actually causing the inflammation that leads to blockage... out pollutants and bacteria, but it can also cause paralysis of the cilia, which are finger-like projections...
Getting Constipated and Having Bad Breath with Atkins by Swati S. breath. I came across an article that mentioned how to avoid this. Drink Lots of water. Chew... tolerate Magnesium and may trigger a pretty serious episode. I agree with Stephanie, any diet that causes...
to difficulty breathing. Peptic ulcer could present w/left upper quadrant pain as you described.  With perforation, it could lead to an acute (surgical) abdomen and cause shortness of breath.  Boerhaave's syndrome...
, while they MAY be, are not always indicative of a panic attack. If your palms start to sweat, your breathing comes a little... to you.   If you are hyperventilating you can breathe into a paper bag to reduce the amount of oxygen getting to your lungs...
Hard To Breath... by Moshura's Sister Patient Expert for showing up and supporting the a good cause. Marco was not able to attend because he had a horrible night..., Marco has not been doing well. His breathing has gotten terribly worse...

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Introduction ... block the passage of air into the lungs. It can cause difficulty breathing and, if not treated, the condition can be f ... » Read on
Symptoms ... Swelling of the voicebox or the air tubes in the lungs, causing difficulty in breathing; Swelling of the conjunctiva (par ... » Read on