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More likely than not, overgrowth of the little bumps on the tongue's surface has led to the discoloration.  The sores & blisters are more concerning for an (auto)immune disorder.  I suggest that you see your dentist for prope
cm and had to have C-Sections both times cause of a risk of the baby getting stuck. So if you get pregnant with a small...
It sounds like you may have a rib out of place.  You may also have a muscle in that area that's irritated - maybe your rhomboids, lat, or intercostal muscles.  A gentle stretch where you reach up over your head to the side o
Relieving difficulty in swallowing when you have oesophageal cancer by Dr. Anshu Gupta Patient Expert If you find swallowing difficult there is much that can be done to help make it easier...; although there may be some temporary swelling in your oesophagus, which may make swallowing more difficult at first...
Dealing with Difficult Behavior Caused by Dementia and Alzheimer's by Bob DeMarco Patient Expert . For many caregivers, these difficult behaviors are the most challenging and exhausting aspect of caring for a person... of managing difficult behavior in people with dementia. They are: * Dementia Strategy 1 -- Restrict. First...
Rechanneling Difficult Behavior Caused by Dementia by Bob DeMarco Patient Expert , often difficult, behaviors. Like most Alzheimer's patients my mom, Dotty, could be very difficult...? You should. Here are some examples of what I did to combat these types of challenging and difficult behaviors. In the summer...
Dealing with Difficult Behavior Caused by Alzheimer's and Dementia by Bob DeMarco Patient Expert behavior. For many caregivers, these difficult behaviors are the most challenging and exhausting aspect...), and Nancy Mace discuss the six R’s of managing difficult behavior in people with dementia...
Adult acquired speech, language and swallowing disorders by Dave W Healthy Living ProfessionalFacebook in childhood, with 10% of children affected. Between 30 and 40% of strokeAny sudden neurological problem caused by a bleed or a clot in a blood vessel. survivors have communication or swallowing problems which require...
TCV Book Review: Swallow Safely by Brenda Avadian Patient ExpertFacebook incident. Medications and how to manage them when they cause dryness and swallowing complications, p. 78... you to be with someone you love through difficult times. Mindful swallowing, p.125. Read this twice, it can save your or...
The Government Knows How Vaccines Cause Autism, But Won't Tell Us by Ginger T. Patient Expert ". This is difficult for families to swallow since there are tens of thousands with the same story as Hannah. She went... that her vaccines cause her autism. Her father was a Johns Hopkins neurologist, her mother a nurse and a lawyer...

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Complications ... You may find that your esophageal cancer makes it intensely difficult for you to swallow. Some people with cancer of the eso ... » Read on
Symptoms ... When cancer of the esophagus first develops, it rarely causes any symptoms. This is because the tumor will initially be ... » Read on