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Sure, if the fracture didn't heal properly in such a way as to make your broken leg equal in length to your unbroken one, walking lopsided can eventually lead to back pain.  It doesn't take much difference...
Eyes do change as we age. You just might need a new prescription or a different brand of contacts.  Personally I have tried several brands and some work better - maybe it's my eyes or maybe it's the contacts :-) Lynn PS I
Yes, a hairline fracture may be missed on initial x-rays. That's why when the xray is negative... weeks. A repeat xray after 2 weeks can show a previously unseen hairline fracture (the bone resorbs or...
Stress Fractures Caused by Weak Muscles and Over-Striding by Dr. Gabe M. Medical Doctor One of the most common injuries in runners is a stress fracture of the lower leg (tibia) because running fast causes the foot to hit the ground with tremendous force that can shatter bones. A study...
Bob Cavnar: BP’s Close Relationship with the Government Caused Poor Risk Management by Chelsea Green Patient Expert , and unclear chain of command has confused the media and the public, and caused this story to drag on far...” procedure in May, have been high risk, threatened the integrity of the well and could have easily caused...
Osteporosis Drugs Cause Spontaneous Fractures by Jeffrey Dach MD Medical Doctor Spontaneous Mid Femur Fractures on Bisphosphonates Dr. Odvina's 2005 report of spontaneous femur fractures in women on fosamax raises questions about the entire class of bisphosphonate drugs.  This report...
FDA Says Osteoporosis Drugs Cause Femur Fractures by Jeffrey Dach MD by Jeffrey Dach MD Medical Doctor Says Osteoporosis Drugs Cause Femur Fractures..., 2010 warning of "possible" risk of femur fractures caused by the osteoporosis drugs...
PBS Newshour: Autism's Causes: How Close Are We to Solving the Puzzle? by Ginger T. Patient Expert It is so crazy to me when we get these normal windows of real discussion on autism causation. I attended the Maine CDC Autism Conference in 2009 and I sat there in the audience next to Harry Tembennis, listening to these di
Osteoporosis drug patients report bone fractures caused by drugs by Niell A. Patient ExpertFacebook Posted by Neill Abayon Reports of bone fractures are widespread among patients taking osteoporosis drugs, a New York Times analysis of concludes. "My mother was taking Fosamax...
Surgical Procedure Reduces Disability and Pain Caused by Spine Fractures in Cancer Patients by Procedure Reduces Disability and Pain Caused by Spine Fractures in Cancer Patients A surgical... said, is unlikely to have caused harm to patients, “but it may have significantly reduced the overall quality...

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Introduction ... skin around the bone has not been broken is called a simple or closed fracture. If the ends of the bone break through the skin, ... » Read on
Complications ... romptly and effectively. Infection If your skull is fractured during your head injury then it may increase the risk ... » Read on