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Michelle L. Herndon, Virginia
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Hello, My name is Nancy.  I am 54 years old and fairly active.  I work evey day in... More

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to pass stool since there was burning sensation. Yesterday, i consulted the family physician(I stay... and only while passing there is burning sensation which lasts for an hour. I am also applying Anovate for the past three...
Burning sensation, also described as numbness & tingling, or electrical shock pain, suggests nerve damage.  The peroneal nerve runs close to the knee and is often damaged in contact sports...
Can there be two robot123 out there, both w/burning anuses on the same day?  Check out my answer to the earlier question about burning anus.
as post-herpetic neuralgia.  Some vitamin deficiencies can also cause burning pain.  Long-term... Burning pain is usually due to nerve injury.  Leg pain can originate from a back injury irritating...
Most of us are not absolutely symmetric such that the right side is exactly equal to the left side.  This is most obvious in our arms, especially for those of us who are not ambidextrous.  Less obvious is the appearance of o
Fat Burning Beast = Sugar Burning Gut (Guest Post: Tim/TATER) by Dr. B G Doctor of Pharmacy . Every Paleo blogger will challenge you: Do you want to be a sugar-burner or a FAT BURNING BEAST?? The answer.... We lose weight, become FAT BURNING BEASTS and live our life swinging through the treetops in top physical...
This community covers anxiety disorders and other mental health issues. Your question would be better directed to Wellsphere's General Medicine community.  Best wishes                 Ian
which would not normally cause pain. This can result from vitamin deficiencies and/or long-standing poorly...
The SCM Muscle in the Neck, it doesn’t Typically Cause Neck Pain, But can cause a Slew of Neck Related Problems! by Nav J. Patient ExpertHealth MavenFacebook is that neither part sends pain to the neck, however, it can often cause jaw pain or pain that travels up into the head...

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Recovery ... severe pain, or an intense burning sensation in your breasts. ... » Read on
Symptoms ... yndrome (IBS) as well. IBS is a common digestive condition that causes pain and bloating in your gut. It can also cause constipa ... » Read on