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Quit your belly aching! (Day 246) by Peter Olson Patient ExpertFacebook , I squeeze a pillow to my stomach or try sleeping on my belly.  If that doesn’t work, I lay awake praying....  I didn’t feel very good at all.  I think that it was caused by my seasonal allergies...
Can Overeating Cause Cramps? by Methods of Healing Patient ExpertComplimentary & Alternative Medicine that can actually cause stomach cramps – and you definitely want to figure out what is causing this cramping and how to make it go away. You may wonder if overeating really causes the stomach muscles to cramp. In fact...
Abdominal cramping and Chest Pain caused by Panic and Anxiety Attacks by David M. Patient Expert – 100% NATURAL CURE FOR PANIC ATTACKS Duration : 0:0:45 Technorati
You may have gastritis, or inflammation of the inside of your stomach. This may lead to stomach ulcers. Often this is caused by increased stomach acid. Try taking some over the counter acid reducers...
Muscle Cramps from Exercise: Causes and Prevention by Dr. Gabe M. Medical Doctor Exercisers are often told that muscle cramps are caused by lack of salt (sodium) or low... shows that doctors don't know very much about exercise-induced muscle cramps. The most common cause appears...
Most common cause of muscle cramps: lack of salt by Dr. Gabe M. Medical Doctor The most common cause of muscle cramps in exercisers is lack of salt, according to a report... in competitive athletes are caused by an exaggerated "stretch reflex". When you stretch a muscle, it pulls...
What causes muscle cramps during competition? by Dr. Gabe M. Medical Doctor were not caused by dehydration, thyroid disease, blocked blood flow, nerve damage, or mineral abnormalities... than those who did not suffer cramps. The researchers showed that the most likely cause is muscle fatigue or tearing...
The way I breathe can cause back pain?! by Dr. Brett K. Doctor of ChiropractyHealth Maven the belly outward- Belly Breathing.  Now stop and look at the people near you… I’ll wait. Odds... used improperly. Using shoulders to breath instead of the diaphragm develops a muscle pattern which causes pain...
Will Creatine Cause Muscle Cramps Or Injury? by Richard S. Patient Expert This is perhaps the most prominent creatine myth among athletes. It is a post hoc fallacy and something that gets repeated so much that those with no prior knowledge of creatine will usually and regrettably accept it to
is growing weak and numb. At times my nerves ache all over my body and I tend to feel like I am loosing...

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Symptoms ... chronic illness headaches, stomach upsets, dizziness, chest pain and general aches a ... » Read on
Side effects ... n. Much less common side effects are mild fever, tiredness, headache, loss of appetite and feeling sick. ... » Read on