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Caitlin G. California
Hi! My name is Caitlin and I'm 25. I currently live in New York with my husband Nate and my... More
wheeliegirl Crewe, UK
I am a 43 year old single Mum from Cheshire,England.I have Idiopathic Intercranial Hypertension... More
Lucia Gabriela Sound Beach, New York
Lucia Gabriela Certified Health Coach. CHC, ADDP I am very proud and fortunate to have studied... More
Steve Parker, M.D. Scottsdale, Arizona
I work as a hospitalist in the Phoenix, Arizona, metro area.  When not in the... More
Leticia V. Long Island, New York
I am an adjunct college professor of English, freelance writer, wife, and the mother of three... More

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Even a better remedy, a natural one, yucca pills ("Nature's Way" brand.) Yucca is a plant with valuable saponin (alkaline) composition, which neutralizes acids. It is the plant's root. It can be bought in a produce market.
Oh, I forgot. If you smoke you can also get a metallic taste in your mouth. It's just a tobacco byproduct from chemicals, tar, ash, etc. That's a good question. Several things can cause...
My Entire Attitude and Outlook on Life Has Been Altered by This Lifestyle by Mark S. Healthy Living Professional he suggested stab wounds, gun shots or severe lacerations as possible causes for the 7% hematocrit reading... dietary causes to which the only response was – you tested negative for Celiac-Sprue. Eventually...
Inflamed Taste Buds: Its Causes and Effects by FitBuff Brandon Patient Expert especially when they’re inflamed which we’ll discuss next. Inflammation in the Taste Buds:  Causes Since the direction... that proverbial bad taste in your mouth (winky wink), it’s important to list the common causes of inflammation...
Can Swine Flu Alter Genes and Cause Autism, Alzheimer's and Schizophrenia? by Harold L D. Patient Expert other altered genes. The journal article is Prenatal viral infection of mice at E16 causes changes in gene...
The Power of Imagery to Alter Behavior by passion4living Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth MavenFacebook you, or causes you to be fearful, guilty, or resentful, you have created a negative image of the thing... in as many senses as you are able. Get a sense of the odor, touch, and taste of cigarettes. Make the scene three...
Do Artificial Sweeteners Cause an Insulin Spike? by Mark S. Healthy Living Professional The notion that artificial sweeteners (and sweet tastes in general) might produce an insulin... because it causes a spike in insulin , which then severely depletes blood glucose. Buddha got past this with a trip...
Factors not being properly considered as causes of obesity (Part 2) by Rosehaven Cottage .. Patient Expert and wildlife. A wide range of substances, both natural and man-made, are thought to cause endocrine disruption... to obesity.  Obesogens may be functionally defined as chemicals that inappropriately alter lipid homeostasis...
The altered state of “in love” by Dating Goddess Patient Expert at his picture. Such euphoria. And it extends beyond direct triggers of him. Food tastes better, colors... that this relationship will cause us heartbreak sooner or later — or could even be dangerous. In reviewing...
How To Identify The Root Cause Of Your Acne Just By Looking At Your Skin by Fran K. Patient Expert . His diet was the only thing he altered. Kevin eliminated so many foods from his diet that he ended... caused by an intolerance to food, but an overgrowth of Candida, yeast, fungus or mold in his body. He’d...

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Symptoms ... w loss of blood, such as a stomach ulcer (see 'causes' section) then you may notice very few symptoms, or they ... » Read on
Symptoms ... ing from the back of large polyps, your sense of smell and taste being reduced, or disappearing completely, headaches, ... » Read on