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pilonriggins California
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0baby California
Im 48 years of age. Im a recovery alcoholic. And im on celexa. I live in Ohio.
Marmalade Sydney, AU
Tigs Wellington, NZ
Dr. Bryan California
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Topamax for Alcoholism: A Closer Look by Dirk H. Patient Expert Epilepsy drug gains ground, draws fire as newest anti-craving pill A drug for seizure disorders and migraines continues to show promise as an anti-craving drug for alcoholism, the third leading...
Absence seizures are seizures that generally last just a few seconds, and are characterized by a blank or "absent" stare. They're also sometimes called petit mal seizures. Absence seizures
that this is how alcohol is/can be used. Another reason is not talking about it. It's important to use sporting events... about the alcohol use that's presented. Additionally, there is the issue of availability. Parents need to monitor...
Originally it was thought that alcohol was the reason many people suffered from rosacea, but it turns out not to be the case. No one knows the actual cause.  Drinking alcohol can, however, worsen...
him too?  Thanks -Kay-  Seizures may be caused by toxins, infections, trauma, or brain problems... while others result from causes that have yet to be determined. It is also possible that it wasn't the seizures...
This is from the CDC What health problems are associated with excessive alcohol use?   Excessive drinking both in the form of heavy drinking or binge drinking...
I urge you to see a medical doctor to have all of this checked out.
I think your body is trying to warn you about something - could just be an emotional response - but get a stool test from GDX so that you can be sure exactly what's going on down there.
One of the warning signs of cirrhosis, which occurs when the liver does not function properly, which can occur as the result of heavy drinking, is swollen feet. Other warning signs include swollen abdomen, confusion, progress
Not that I am aware of. You should contact a medical professsional, however. Thouoght it sounds like you have been under a great deal of stress, which can affect your overall health, including irregular periods.

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Causes ... hat have affected the brain. Epilepsy can have a number of causes. For example, it is sometimes caused by brain damage, eit ... » Read on
Treatment There is no cure for essential tremor, so treatment aims to reduce or remove the involuntary move ... » Read on