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Kate K. Alfred Station, New York
I am 46 and I am in recovery from schizophrenia. I began hearing voices in my mid 20s, but didn't... More
michaelbgerber Los Angeles, California
About Me:  I am a happy man. I am madly in love with my beautiful wife of 28 years,... More
chirobc Elkton, Maryland
Chiropractor practicing in Elkton, MD. I help to relieve acute and chronic back and neck pain as... More
wheeliegirl Crewe, UK
I am a 43 year old single Mum from Cheshire,England.I have Idiopathic Intercranial Hypertension... More
Herberdenko California
More or less, the same fact holds true for Oxitamin. But, that tactic works so damn well with... More

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Hi Joycelouise,  Yes, it is possible that the antihistamine taken by your husband triggered an anxiety reaction. Both tricyclic and SSRI class antidepressants are potent antihistamines, and some antihistamines are effective
Acute myocardial infarction of LVOT : An unrecognised cause for refractory hypotension by Dr. Sangareddi V. Medical Doctor Hypotension is one of the dreaded complication of acute STEMI... get amplified in  acute MI as it is a compromised situation with fluctuating HR and contractility. So a properly...
The TPA Time Limit For Acute Stroke Causes Mass Chaos In The ER by Ed H. Doctor of Pharmacy I hate acute strokes. There are several reasons for it. Most of them are logistical. First...’s efficacy is only OK at best) causes mass chaos and annoyance. First, one has to establish 100...
Which is the “Numero Uno” cause for acute stent thrombosis in real world cath labs ? by Dr. Sangareddi V. Medical Doctor Which is the “Numero uno”  cause  for  acute stent thrombosis  in real world  Cath labs ? Hypersensitivity  reaction  to metals Poor deployment of stent Inadequate  Anti-platelet  regimen Drug...
Which is the commonest cause for death in acute pulmonary embolism by Dr. Sangareddi V. Medical Doctor The  commonest  cause for death in massive pulmonary embolism is   RV shock  Massive...  .(RV shock , RV standstill and RV , RV stunning  is the unequivocal  cause for sudden death...
Brown recluse spider bite can cause acute anemia by Dr. John Z. Medical Doctor Hospital found that when patients present with acute anemia, but the cause is elusive, a brown recluse... the cause of acute anemia is important to ensure the appropriate treatment, McDade said. For example...
Resveratrol attenuates early pyramidal neuron excitability impairment and death in acute rat hippocampal slices caused by oxygen by Cheryl Patient Expert -glucose deprivation (OGD) to acute rat hippocampal slices and examined the effect of RVT on OGD...
Gastritis by Nathan M. Patient Expert will not cause any in the future. So, in conclusion, I get to add gastritis to my list of infirmities... was to hopefully find out what is causing me to feel nauseated on a regular basis. The doctor put me to sleep...
Gastritis And Its Treatment by Methods of Healing Patient ExpertComplimentary & Alternative Medicine and the gastritis treatment involves a healthy diet. It can occur suddenly (acute gastritis) or gradually (chronic gastritis). Gastritis may be caused by many factors including infections,... 
Sore throat (or pharyngitis) is typically caused by assorted viruses.  Rarely is a sore throat due to strep, which responds to antibiotics unlike viruses.  Other causes of sore throat include fungal...

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Causes There are a number of different causes of bad breath which are outlined below: Poor dental ... » Read on