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Yes, a degenerative disc and bone spurs can cause these kind of symtoms. Anything that presses on a nerve can cause motor or sensory changes. Also, muscle spasms in the suboccipital and cervical
Bone Spurs are a part of the degeneration process. This does not happen overnight. Poor posture and doing repetitive motions constantly can cause degeneration in the spine.
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, my primary care dr.said all those irregular squashed out areas are bone spurs. This area of my throracic back... from somewhere else but my last ortho dr said that problems in the c5-c6 area could cause this. My last mri after the fusions says...
Compared to Others, Aiden is Such a Good Patient by Stephanie B. Patient Expert Chris had his surgery today for the bone spurs located on his big toes on each foot. His looked much like rhinocerous (hey! I actually spelled that right by phonetics!) horns sticking up and trying to push...
The Causes of Severe Neck Pain Resulting from a Cervical Radiculopathy by Nav J. Patient ExpertHealth MavenFacebook outgrowths, spurs, and certain ligaments swell and englarge. In most cases this may not cause symptoms right away. But if spurs extend into the canal where nerve roots sit, they can cause more irritation...
Causes and Treatments for Recurrent Sinus Infections by MJT Patient Expert as deformities such as bone spurs inside the sinus cavities. A CT scan is the most common way.... A deviated septum can be straightened and bone spurs can be ground down so there is nothing impeding...
Does Spinal Degeneration Cause Back Pain? by Dr. Eben Davis Doctor of Chiropracty jumps right out at you on x-rays...and is easy for a patient to see. But is it causing... degeneration)...but there is still know way to know if it is causing a patients back pain. That's the debate...
S.W.A.T. Trot - Take 2 by Tim W. Patient Expert that I was tripped in and fell and broke my collar bone.  You can read the whole story here, and throughout the month... coming out of the gate, landed on my head and shoulder, broke my collar bone in two places, had a pin put...

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Diagnosis ... ic resonance imaging can detect disc and spinal cord problems because it is able to create images of areas from various angles. ... » Read on
Causes ... ervical spondylosis is usually an age-related condition that is caused by the degeneration of the discs and vertebrae in your ne ... » Read on