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. Helpful Buckeye   Thanks for your concern.  It ended up to be caused from a scratch that caused the protursion of the eye lid and scratched the cornea causing an infection as I noted corneal cloudiness...
... What else is there to do?  Beth, Do you have any idea what might have happened to cause this swelling?  Did your dog get bumped on or around the eye?  Was she outdoors when it happened?  Is she squinting the eye? The upper eyelid...
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Dear Christy, Do you notice this all the time? Or is it related to food ingestion or being outside? As Dr Lin notes, allergies can certainly cause these symptoms. If it happens continually...
You should call the doc and see if you have an infection
Raising Money for Special Needs Kids by jenn Patient Expert I think I am really itching for a life outside of my kids. For the past 2 weeks, I've.... But there were others. These books were great and then it hit me. Special needs kids love subways. I know both of my kids...
Kids and Allergies by AllergyRelievers .. . And therefore, tries to counteract it. ANNOUNCER: Allergies are a tough problem to avoid. They can be caused not... sometimes means trying prescription medications. These can block the symptoms caused by a substance in the body...
Obese Kids Risk Thyroid Inflammation by DiseaseProof Medical Doctor All kids should run around like that. Because according to a new study in the Journal... tissue, causing weight-gain, but more studies need to be done; Reuters reports.   ...
done. There are medicines for swollen eyes and creams for rashes, but finding out the cause and eliminiating.... I woke up with swollen eyelids.  That was uncomfortable.  The next day, it began to rash on my left side...
Bleach Prescribed to Relieve Eczema Itching: Talk About a Toxic Bath! by Jennifer Lance Patient Expert . According to Keep Kids Healthy eczema is: Atopic dermatitis, or eczema, is a common problem in infants.... Kids Health offers many solutions and helpful tips, none of which include bleach. Avoiding harsh...

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Diagnosis ... ctor may also carry out some other tests to try to identify the cause and diagnose the condition. For example: ... » Read on
Symptoms ... ill develop fetal hydrops. This is a serious condition that can cause congestive heart failure, a severe form of edema (swelling ... » Read on