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shoppingkharma San Jose, California
I am a 39 years old Advanced Ovarian cancer survivor who is very happily married to my very best... More
The Woodlands Chiropractor Texas The Woodlands, Texas
Dr. David Pope's practice is centered around giving you the same level of care he gives the... More
Sherry J. Marietta, Georgia
I guess I uploaded a picture too small for the size that is allowed. Sorry for the blur, it's not... More
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Hello, My name is Debbie, My husband of 35 years and I have had a pottery studio in the Ozarks for... More

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Head Injuries and Seizures in Dogs and Cats by Dr. Patty Khuly Doctor of Veterinary Medicine events that might cause a traumatic brain injury in a dog are frequently fatal in cats. Many years ago... The link between head injuries (specifically traumatic brain injuries) and subsequent development...
Cat Sitter Interview: Grace Jaeger, Cat Watchers™ by Therese K. Patient Expert to try and use my lifelong passion for catsCat Watchers™ is the result.  It was truly a fortuitous injury and one... Grace Jaeger is the owner of Cat Watchers™, a cat sitting service in the Minneapolis Minnesota...
It could be, but it could also be the result of injury or possibly a heart problem that's causing clots that interfer with circulation to your cat's legs. The only way to know for sure
PETS WITH INJURIES...HANDLE WITH CARE! by Helpful Buckeye Doctor of Veterinary MedicineHealth Maven , how to determine the seriousness of an injury, how to properly handle your dog or cat if it is injured, and tips...: Do not attempt to treat the cat's injury. Transport the cat to the veterinarian. Tips...
Teaching a Cat to Bark by Doug K. Patient Expert A skiing injury taught me the value, once again, of accepting reality but I lose that ability... (this was before my ski injury!) and in 2004, I decided to do something about it. It took three years to get back a lot...
. Because cats are highly territorial and birmans are among those breeds more likely to consider their owners... whose low, confident tone and smooth body language communicates her confidence in the cat...
There are two possibilities. One is that it's an infection caused by an antibiotic-resistent bacteria and a culture may need to be done to determine what antibiotic will be effective. The second is that it's caused by somethi
to fester even further.  If there's any kind of opening, you will be able to smell the odor.  Your cat...
like an injury. It could be a couple of things: 1. If your cat is not spayed...There's a possibility that your cat may have been hit by a car or sustained a serious fall...
Fall Time Faves, Pumpkin Soup, Roasted Veg and Cats by Making Love In The Kitchen Healthy Living Professional out apples on a street corner in Toronto, Get deep into the root vegetables and squashes, Dress up as a cat...

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Symptoms ... ll at, the surrounding skin. Cat bites Cats have a weaker bit ... » Read on
Treatment ... hould seek immediate medical attention for all but minor dog or cat bites. However, even some minor looking cat bites can penetr ... » Read on