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Born in Alaska and have lived here all of my life, except for a year and a half I spent in Rock... More
Drew's Dad . Columbus, Ohio
I am the father of Drew, a boy who was born profoundly deaf in both ears. He received... More
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Linda M. California
My husband has a brain injury similar to a near drowning this happened in 1988.  My only... More
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I'm a runner and general fitness fanatic in California. I love running, skiing, hiking,... More

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What you are describing could very well be the result of an ear mite infectionEar mites... to pain and discomfort for your cat, which then leads to scratching at the ear or shaking the ear...
I agree that this sounds like something more than an external ear infection. It could be middle or inner ear involvment or something else. For sure, I'd call the veterinarian and describe this change.
_mites.html If you're cat in an in- and outdoor cat and has been exposed to other animals with ear mites... to the letter--it can take time to get rid of mites--then have your cat checked by your veterinarian. There are some ear...
If you have a dark discharge, the two most likely causes are ear mites or a yeast infection... smell. If you have other pets, including cats, check their ears, too. If you see the same dark debris...
Treating Benign Ear Tumors in Cats by Dr. Patty Khuly Doctor of Veterinary Medicine , upper respiratory infections and ear infections/mites), but when these more common problems... If young cats can avoid injury or infectious disease (the chances of which are much greater...
Ear Health by Matt FM. Patient Expert The most common cause of infection cats and dogs is ear mites, which create a large amount... that are effective in just one – although the ears will need to be cleaned several times. Although cats...
Ear Infections & Antibiotics: Natural treatment for Ear Infections? by Ben L. Naturopathic Doctor Ear Infection QUESTION: Dear Dr. Ben, Since becoming pregnant I have stopped nursing my 3.... She now has an ear infection.  The first she’s ever had, which I am suspicious is a result of weaning.  I feel...
EAR HEMATOMAS...EXCESS BAGGAGE FOR THE EAR by Helpful Buckeye Doctor of Veterinary MedicineHealth Maven of the year. However, they are more commonly seen in dogs than in cats, with the floppy-eared breeds.... The most common contributing factor appears to be some type of chronic ear infection. This would include...
Ear infection meet ear drops. by Strapples Patient Expert [Translate] Me with the ear drops and a side ways head Alright so looks like my middle ear infection is solved. But theres another issue now, it looks like according...
Chronic Ear Infections and Glue Ear by Dr. Daniel Kalish Doctor of Chiropracty Watch our latest YouTube clip on Chronic Ear Infections and Glue Ear! Learn the basics behind... about children and ear infections; Why Do Children Have Earaches?   To understand earaches you must first...

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