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Cough, cough, sneeze, sneeze by Margaret Patient Expert ill. Two nights ago he began sneezing repeatedly, so yesterday morning I called our vet who told... (and here I’ve always hoped to have at least ONE cat who wouldn’t meow in the car, hah…But this morning...
**Cough** **Cough** **Sneeze** by LunaNik Patient Expert thru the night allowing your coughing, sneezing, and over tired ass to get a good night's sleep. ...
Cat snezzing Could be a Sign of Disease by heru m. Patient Expert into your body. The same is applied to the cat sneezing . However, if the sneezing gets... When you sneeze, you are reacting to an irritating substance coming through your nasal...
that can cause a cat to cough, including noninfectious conditions like asthma and heart problems...That depends on what the cause of the cough is. One of the reasons antibiotic-resistant bacteria...
Dear Alane98 -   You don't mention how long you've had these symptoms or whether you've seen a doctor about them.  Dizziness, lightheadedness, and fatigue can have many different causes, so you should see a doctor immedia
The most likely causes are an allergic reaction or some sort or an infection. Keep notes re: when the sneezing occurs, where she is, and what she's been doing to see if you can pick up any trends. Also check...
to them. Why is the grandmother allowing the cats to urinate everywhere? Is she possibly senile? Best Answer - Chosen by Voters They say pregnant women should not be near cats or handle the litter box due to exposure to the disease...
I am not a physician and all I can suggest is what I suggest to most here - please go see your own medical provider who knows you best.   Lynn 
UPPER RESPIRATORY DISEASE AND YOUR CAT.... by Helpful Buckeye Doctor of Veterinary MedicineHealth Maven -cough-and-your-dog.html ). Likewise, a cat that has contracted H1N1...Swine Flu, as did a cat... in droplets created by coughing and sneezing, and other symptoms include fever, rapid breathing, loss...
Why Does Cat Health Sneezing Occur by heru m. Patient Expert The problem in cat health sneezing might be the fact that it irritates them and causes.... These conditions will cause sneezing and make your cat uncomfortable. Ear infections can cause sneezing in cats...

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Introduction ... y occurs during the winter months, from October to April. Complications such as a chest infection can affect people who are elde ... » Read on
Causes ... l stronger than usual. Smoking If you smoke, frequent coughing can result in urinary incontinence, and make any existi ... » Read on