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10 years is a long time for your arm to be weak and numb.  The extent of the weakness & numbness... of your arm is weak & numb.  Best to go see a neurologist (or a physiatrist) who is trained in performing...
Serratus Posterior Superior – Third layer down, relieves arm numbness by Paul B. Healthy Living Professional found the source of the pain.  Since the muscle is so deep, feeling its tissues becomes easier when one moves...
I have frequent numbness in my right leg while driving, but I do not suffer any anxiety attacks. What is it? by David M. Patient Expert I have frequent numbness in my right foot and leg while driving, but I do not suffer... for all the helpful responses. 1) Do you carry your wallet in your right hip pocket? 2) Is there a spring... Sorry but that's my thought, too.  A vasovagal reaction can lead to loss of blood pressure (thus fainting, which luckily you didn't do) which could then lead to hyperventilation a
on.  Musculoskeletal trauma could certainly explain stabbing pain w/movement of your right arm.  Rib fracture... chickenpox).  If this pain persists, best to go see your family physician, sooner especially if you feel...
These could be symptoms of anxiety, which the Xanax will address. They could also be symptoms of nerve impingement due to arthritis or other health issues. Keep a log of symptoms, noting what you feel...
arrrgh. can't catch a break! by Namrita Patient ExpertHealth Maven My left arm finally healed up, then I crashed on my right arm...NOW my left knee is irritated... are weaker than my right, despite me trying to correct that over the off-season. Everything on my left side...
I feel pretty useless right now. Mary Harney should feel the same. by Boards Medics just delaying the conversation where i tell them I can't help. As well as feeling pretty low... this blog entry is just a rant because I feel useless. I don't have answers right now. I don't know...
in your center chest and can travel to your left OR right arm, your jaw and neck.(but not... shoulder pain that can go down your arm. Muscle or nerve pain usually happens when you move your arm...
It's been several days since you made your post. If your arm is still sore, go see a doctor. Minor stresses, bruses, etc. usually only last a few days.

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