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As a general rule, most dogs can run into problems chewing on bones.  The bones frequently already have sharp edges on them and the dog can surely break off sharp fragments while chewing on the bone.  These sharp edges and f
This could be caused by an injury, an infection, or some internal problem at the base of the nail. Dogs whose nails are on the long side may get them caught in carpet loops and pull or split them; the dewclaws (smaller nails
Help! Why is My Dog Bleeding from His Butt? by Dr. Patty Khuly Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and wisdom. < Previous Post Next Post > Sep 24, 2013 Help! Why is My Dog Bleeding... eating.   This condition is called Hemorrhagic Gastroenteritis (HGE). It literally means bleeding...
150 slow bleed & sick dog by Gevera Bert P. Patient Expert . They are sure my father has a slow bleed deep in his brain. A neurology appointment would confirm... before they get to him. And if the scan shows a slow bleed, guess what? Nothing can be done. They can't/won't operate on someone as bad...
......bleeding and bruising from everywhere.....11 years old.....and i didn't notice anything until  frequent... has a mass somewhere. I wouldn't expect this to be related to the bleeding from his penis, unless the problem...
on this foot as well.  She also has one that is doing this on a front paw.  To me it looks like it is bleeding... are bleeding internally?  More then likely, you are seeing the quik or blood supply to the nail its self...
HI HB, I have a french bulldog with a histiocytoma diagnosis by aspirated cell biopsy.  It is on his left elbow and he keeps scratching it, cutting it open and making it bleed.  Can you cut...
canine tooth--i.e. "fang"--and then withdraw it. Normally that area will appear pale  when you remove...
some hard dental chews. Is there something I can apply to the gum to get it to heal? Bleeding from the gums... and/or sharp that cut them) to bleeding disorders. The first this is to open your dogs mouth and look...
Christina, Since you have found only 1 nail on each of the front paws, that pretty much eliminates the likelihood of a systemic disease.  More likely, if this is a problem at all, it might come from some type of trauma, suc

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Treatment ... courage the wound to bleed by gently squeezing it, unless it is bleeding freely. If you require pain relief, o ... » Read on
Causes ... he body for many weeks, where their movements produce tracks of bleeding. The worms never become fully mature in humans. ... » Read on