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RichardSchulz California
This is from my Blog;  If you're the type like Richard Schulz who likes to learn about... More
Thom Rutledge California
Thom is a psychotherapist in Nashville, Tennessee. He is the author of several books, including... More
Mrs.M Calgary, CA
I am me. A woman, mother, wife, daughter, sister,and friend living in the here and now,... More
Lemoriny California
The battle Diet Green Coffee is incredible excitingnew weight loss formula is the purest green... More
Desiplaza Irving, Texas
  Welcome to A complete community center on the Web for Desi's in... More

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The “Food Baby” Phenomenon: The Flat Abs Myth Part Two [You're not fat. You're not pregnant. You're normal.] by Charlotte H. Patient Expert we would all look four months pregnant. And sometimes, like for a special occasion, I think it’s okay...
You can get pregnant...When you're pregnant! by Marie L. Patient Expert What a weird story--this woman conceived ANOTHER kid 2.5 weeks after she became pregnant. It's called "superfetation," and I guess it happens... not only can you get pregnant while on your period
10 Possible Reasons Why You're Having Trouble Getting Pregnant and 10 Ways to Increase Your Chances by The Relationship Experts .. Patient Expert So you want to get pregnant? You may be wondering what's taking so long. "Why does it seem so difficult?" you may ask. "Why can't I seem to get pregnant?" I had all these questions and more. I wanted...
Should you Continue Exercising if You're Pregnant? by FitBuff Brandon Patient Expert Medical experts have encouraged pregnant women to consume a healthy diet... early if you are in the midst of trying to get pregnant. That said, below are some key exercises...
You know you're a pregnant runner when... by ndscott Patient Expert ...this is your view as you look down at your running shoes! I also talked about the non-compatibility of water belts and pregnancy in my last post, so I thought I'd illustrate the issue with a couple pictures.
effects it would have on the puppies. Consequently I'd use it with caution.  Assuming you're giving... it during pregnancy and lactation and then resume it after the puppies are weaned and wouldn't try to wean the puppies...
breastfeeding q & a with lactation consultant by Linda and Cara .. Healthy Living Professional A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to meet Melissa Nagin, a NY-based Lactation... at breast height for nursings and if you're modest about nursing in public, you may want to purchase a cover...
Help me Get Pregnant! Follow These Basic Steps and You Can Get Pregnant by just 4 families Patient Expert If you are hoping to get pregnant for some time (or what appears like a long time... pregnant much easier and much more all-natural. You can get pregnant through following a few fundamental...
The Joys Of Lactating by Becka S Healthy Living Professional Part of being pregnant means lactating.  I’ve always had over productive boobs.  I knew I was pregnant with my second because my boobs were leaking.  The year or so before I got pregnant with this baby...
If you think you're pregnant and have a concurrent bladder infection, get thee to your family... enough.     By the way, if you're not pregnant, chat w/your doctor regarding what to do before getting pregnant, eg pre...

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