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Can Menopause Cause A Pregnancy Test To Say Positive

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I took 2 at home pregnancy's and both were positive. Thursday I started bleeding so I went... that did the qualitative test and they said anything over 25 Imu is positive. Very perplexing.  Yes, the tests...
Testicular Cancer May Cause Positive Pregnancy Test Results by Robyn Nazar, RN BSN may cause a false positive pregnancy test for males. Testicular cancer causes the production of the chemical... agreed that the testicular cancer had caused the pregnancy test to give a false positive result...
but what did your second test say? the test is faulty and you should take another...   there may just not be enough dye...i am having the same problem my period is 4 days late and i took a test this afternoon
now it could just be your body is trying to get on it's natural cycle! Thanks very much, Im going to get my blood test today. Oh and at 7 weeks preg any pregnancy test would come out positive... your body has to adjust to working...
had a tear in a condom? If you can say yes to any of the above questions then I'd call my doctor up and ask for a blood test to determine how far along you are. Take care! ...
If I understand your question correctly, I say No....If you took a pregnancy test that didn't turn... Pregnancy Test Brand Sensitivity (or the hCG threshold at which a positive result is indicated...
Positive Pregnancy Test! by Sheridan Ripley Patient Expert Look what I have! For the 52 Week Organizing Challenge this week I cleaned out our Master Bathroom. So before my Mom freaks our or my friends faint, let me say, This is the pregnancy test...
Blood Test Predicts Menopause Say Scientists by Andrea Patient Expert From MedicalNewsToday----an update on one of the Wyeth Pharmaceutical cases involving a woman's breast cancer being caused by the drugs Premarin/Prempro. Interesting reading---I cannot imagine...
Non-Stress Tests are causing me STRESS!!! by Helene Patient Expert Why do they call them Non-stress Tests?? I find that they do nothing but cause me more stress. Today's NST lasted 90 minutes long...yes, 90 minutes long! Let me start off by saying I had an OB...
Update:Video-Woman says #TSA singled her out for screening&man says his testicles were 'grabbed' causing his pants to fall down by Patty .. Patient Expert feel the agents were taking advantage of their position? "Those guards, yes," Sutherland... requirements. Although, the latest news reports say there have not yet been any serious delays...

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Causes ... The pattern of a woman's menstrual cycle can be disturbed by physical or emotional upsets, stress or chan ... » Read on
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