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Lee W. West Palm Beach, Florida
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Megan R. Browns Summit, North Carolina
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im 32 and 39 weeks pregnant with my 3rd baby
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I would call your OBGYN and schedule an appointment for your doctor to examin you to see what's the cause of your belly pain.  Could be anything really.
Im having the same problem i have white discharge is that normal and i have been having cramping, leg pain, side pain and dont know what it is i also been having headaches and back pain is this normal
Hi there - Sounds to me like you could be starting early labor.  Call your OBGYN and share with him or her what you did with us.   Best of luck!
, i am not pregnant because i have not been having sex, and had a exam since the last time i did have sex... been through your situation with negative and positive results of pregnancy tests.  However, I have been pregnant, and know...
i will try it this month!! Pretty much.  Egg whites have the same consistency as fertile cervical mucus, so yes they would in theory be able to help the sperm into the uterus.  There are products...
.  It has only come once and was a pretty large globule of white goo. The only way you can get pregnant is if you ovulate... God Bless you and the day you were born. The white...
Can I be pregnant and still have vaginal bleeding? by April G. Yes. Up to 25 percent of pregnant women have light vaginal bleeding, or spotting, during the first... seriously. If you are pregnant or think you are pregnant, you should always call your doctor if have any bleeding...
Pregnant vaginal discharge by AtYourCervix Patient Expert Leukorrhea: the normal discharge of pregnancy.  Can be white, creamy, or clear.  Yes, it increases with pregnancy, more so the closer you get to your due date.  Normal, normal, normal.  It can look like mucus, or...
ache... I was actually pregnant! I'm not sure what the liquid was though. You should see your doctor...

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