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it doesn't matter how long your bleed it...the first day of your cycle is the day you get full red flow.   You'd have an extremely short cycle if you ovulated on cycle day 8... like 20 days
your physician should tell you what cycle days she/he wants you to do the clomid and that will be for a set of five days She put me on the 50mg and i take 2 for 5 days. So i take clomid when my cycle
the ovulation calendar and it said my most fertil days were april 1-8 so I guess I wont be pregnant... The longer you are on this journey the more you realize that the "28 day cycle, CD14 ovulation...
it extrememly difficult to get pregnant without medical help.  How are you determining what day you ovulate?  ... if you ovulate on cycle day 25 and have a healthy luteal phase then your cycle wouldnt reset...
that i had that slimy discharge for about a month and two days into this period. so i guess i dont know. It depends...
you can only get pregnant in your fertile window- which is three days before, the day of and the day after ovulation.   If you had sex in this window then your chances of pregnancy
nope... if you are bleeding then you most definitely aren't ovulating and you are shedding your uterine lining. If you are pregnant then it wouldn't be from this particular session but from a few
What could that mean? ermm, for the past 2 days ive had 'old blood', it smells a bit nasty, i can see that it is old... and it lasted 3 days, the 4th i was completely clean, but the day after a few drips. and now this! ive...
well i had sex with my boyfriend and i was on my period the next day it stopped im i pregnant.... Here it is 10 days later and stuff still coming outta me. LIGHT BROWN PINKINSH COLOR. Am I pregnant...
a woman can only get pregnant once a cycle (five day fertile window includes the three days....   There is no way to know that one is pregnant the same day or even within a week that conception and subsequent...

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