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nope, you'd have to have had unprotected sex during your fertile window to have the same chance at conception that any healthy couple who are actually trying: 25%
. Any time you have unprotected sex its like playing russian roulet with gettting Pregnant I have a simular... could this mean i am pregnant again ? well it is possible to be pregnant after not having unprotected sex...
well i had sex with my boyfriend and i was on my period the next day it stopped im i pregnant... of me.. i started my period on the 6th and it stoped on the 10the and i had sex on the 10 can i be pregnant...
when you ovulate and the quality of cervical fluid.   Generally speaking- no a woman cannot get pregnant the day...) that a woman is fertile.  So unless you bleed 11 days or so then I would say the chances are pretty slim ...
is considered to be pregnant.  Depending on the lab- the value line for what they consider to be pregnant... then that isn't taken until a woman is late or has taken a HPT and gotten a positive result which is generally...
The Bitter Pregnant Woman's Wishlist by Rational Jenn Healthy Living Professional to you The Bitter Pregnant Woman's Wishlist: Don't ask me about baby names unless you are planning to respond... that until a month ago I didn't look pregnant at all and right now I look about 7 1/2 months...
Question 15. After we have sex, I think that everything comes out. Is this why I am not getting pregnant? by John David Gordon MD Medical Doctor for a minute then blurted out "So basically you talk about sex and tell people when to do it." Oh well........ But he was correct that we do have to talk about sex with our patients and that leads us to the Question of the Day...
crazy pregnant woman go bonkers by Neo-Conduit Patient Expert almost bordering on psychotic pregnant woman. Firstly I cannot stand people who out righteously judge... to have a quick puff there also. I was with a fellow patient when a pregnant women(in late 30's) rounds...
then no... because if you have a healthy luteal phase of around 14 days then you had sex 4 days after your ovulation- a womans fertile... You say "ten days before my period"... do you mean the time from sex to bleed or do you mean 10...
, its what i also get before i ovulate the highest chance for any healthy couple having intercourse in the woman's fertile window is 25...

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