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Ladies Holiday is a multi-contributor women's lifestyle blog, written by and for the everyday... More
Carol M. New York, New York
Long story short - I joined Weight Watchers on Wednesday, November 28, 2007 after deciding that I... More
Tania M. Cambridge, Wisconsin
I am a married woman with four kids, most of them grown. I have been overweight for some time now,... More
I work at the business school. In my spare time, I play pool -- a LOT of pool -- and experiment... More
McP California
Woman who is exasperated by GI symptoms that have knocked her out of commission.  Finding it... More

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pregnant girls can rock a swimsuit, too by Linda and Cara .. Healthy Living Professional Our local YMCA pool is crawling with pregnant women, most of them Baby Bunchers.  This is probably because A) the pool is the only place a pregnant girl can find any relief in the summertime and B...
She's not crazy, she's pregnant.... by Cassandra F. Doctor of Philosophy Pregnancy can be a very stressful time in a woman's life. Not only is her body... of several months and have someone helping you along the way. Then, swimming, no one just throws in you a pool...
you can still get a woman pregnant because you were not diagnosed with azoospermia... they are pregnant.  Most women don't pay much attention to their cycles... it starts- it stops...
your cervix.  It turns out that some are able to get across tied tubes (tubal ligation) and get a woman pregnant.     How often does this happen?  When performing tubal ligations, we're supposed to inform...
nope, you'd have to have had unprotected sex during your fertile window to have the same chance at conception that any healthy couple who are actually trying: 25%
Your sisters OB should have a list of over the counter medications that she can take. She simply needs to call her Dr. and the nurse can tell her what she can take. Good Luck Sharon
Should you Continue Exercising if You're Pregnant? by FitBuff Brandon Patient Expert Medical experts have encouraged pregnant women to consume a healthy diet... early if you are in the midst of trying to get pregnant. That said, below are some key exercises...
Should Gyms Even Have Dress Codes? Planet Fitness Strikes Again, Booting Pregnant Lady for Too-Small Top by Charlotte H. Patient Expert Earlier this week a pregnant woman was booted from a gym for not sufficiently covering... since last month a woman was asked to cover up her “intimidating” crop top or leave, before that  a Muslim woman...
Woman Breastfeeding in Pool by Becka S Healthy Living Professional anyone from eating in the pool? In my opinion, this woman is giving breast feeding a bad name and should shut... There is a story that made headlines recently involving a woman breastfeeding her baby...
Every pregnant woman needs to read this by Carol Yeh-Garner Patient ExpertHealth Maven Every pregnant woman or woman planning on becoming pregnant needs to read this questionnaire to help dispel the myths about maternity care. Please forward it to any of your pregnant friends... http...

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Treatment ... management, you may be given a peak flow meter, so you that you can monitor your symptoms and the effects of your treatment. ... » Read on
Treatment ... ing up the vein to your lungs (see 'complications' section). It can also reduce the risk of post-thrombotic syndrome and prevent ... » Read on