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CMAB87 California
I'm just a girl that loves life and wants to live it to the fullest. I love exploring and going on... More
Lisa .. San Francisco, California
I'm Lisa and I have six kids. Whew, I'm glad that's out of the way! I know six sounds like a crazy... More
Karen B. Sydney Australia, Alabama
I live in Sydney Australia and became a grandmother on the 1st April 2008. My daughter had a... More
Renika US
hipchickheather California
I am a busy Mom of 3 obsessed with providing great information for pregnant... More

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...what a (pregnant) girl wants, what a (pregnant) girl needs by Kim C. Patient Expert gotta love it...created by Pregnant Chicken , check out " Porn For Pregnant Ladies " - handsome men saying all the things a momma really wants to hear. Even if your baby havin' days are behind
No a woman can't get pregnant outside of her fertile window because the natural enviroment of the vaginal canal is acidic- decidedly unfriendly to sperm. A woman's fertile window consists of five days...
has she taken an HPT?   From what you tell in your question there is no way to provide you with a well-informed answer
As far as I know the study of adderall and male fertility showed that there was no adverse effects.   So your fertility should be fine in those terms.
How to Get Pregnant with a Girl by Methods of Healing Patient ExpertComplimentary & Alternative Medicine Perhaps you only want a girl baby or you already have that baby... for conceiving a baby girl there are some simple things you can do... 
pregnant girls can rock a swimsuit, too by Linda and Cara .. Healthy Living Professional .  This is probably because A) the pool is the only place a pregnant girl can find any relief in the summertime and B... that got me through the home stretch.  This summer, I plan to pay it forward.  Any chance I get to let a pregnant girl know...
North Carolina Program Pays Girls a Dollar a Day Not to Get Pregnant - Local News | News Articles | National News | US News - FO by Greg T. Patient Expert North Carolina Program Pays Girls a Dollar a Day Not to Get Pregnant - Local News | News Articles... had to become pregnant before age 18... I guess the state is looking to provide incentive to young girls...
Girls and Women Can and Do Get Pregnant After Being Raped by Dr. Charlotte Thompson Medical Doctor , it was reproted that 32,101 girls and women became pregnant after being raped. Some of the rapists were fathers, some relatives, and some neighbors. i have cared for teenage girls who became pregnant just this way...
hi guys... can i join.. ihave a question my girl and i having S** 6 days before her menstration is she be pregnant? after what we do?, plsss,, answer.. :) if your period comes then most likely you are not...
Big Girl Room - Redeux by Megan F. Patient Expert Our newest little arrival is pushing us along in "Operation Big Girl Room". We'd always intended, since I was pregnant with Stella, to have two kids share the bigger of the two "kid" rooms. Luckily, Stella turned...

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Complications ... emotional affects of puberty For many young people, puberty can be a particularly difficult time. Teenagers are forced to co ... » Read on
Causes ... re is no evidence that parenting technique, or family stresses, can trigger the condition. There are several possible causes of ... » Read on