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fitchelle California
Hello everyone!!!! Well to start my name is Michelle Garibay, im 20 years old and i currently... More
Carole S. Barnstaple, UK
i have  suffered with anziety bad memory and  deppresion and rhumatoid arthritis... More
Rebekah FitzWilson Auckland, NZ
I'm a Parks and Recreation Policy and Planning Advisor for a city council in New Zealand - the... More

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Thank you Allen!  I've tried not running for the past few days, and I've been biking without any pain. I'm not going to run again until I don't feel any pain in this thing.  I hope it heels fast. Thanks again I hope you gave
like you might have torn an acl or meniscus. I've torn both my acl's and sounds just like your injury. You should probably...
, try walking for a month or until your calf strains are healed. Then mix in small amounts of running. Don't increase your running more often than once a week. Use calf strains as an indicator that you're doing...
Cut your runs in half and see if the pain goes away. If not, cut it in half again, and so on. Then increase you distance in small increments (not more than 10%) and give your body a lot of time to get used to each new distanc
with a running partner. The calf is a tough muscle to stretch using static stretching.  My calf gets tight...
My suggestion is to head for a doctor!
Walking, unless you're going quite a distance, shouldn't cause pain. See a doctor.
I think that any injury is serious. My suggestion is to see a good doctor, perferably a sports doctor, about your injury. A serious injury will likely mean that you should not do the marathon this time. In the mean time, use
Sorry, I'm not familiar w/torn ovaries.  Perhaps your doctor meant a "torsed" ovary, as in ovarian torsion.  This is a situation in which the ovary twists on itself and its blood supply.  The pain...
Running downhill is harder on your legs than running up hill. Try running up hill and walking downhill. If this eliminates the pain, good. Then, later, try jogging slower down the hill than you ran up the hill. Your body need

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Causes ... mon, as well as Achilles tendon rupture and calf tendon tears. The sudden movement and ... » Read on
Diagnosis ... evelop an outward curve of the spine, known as a scoliosis. The calf, and other leg muscles, may look overly large, or very well ... » Read on