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McNulty Family California
We married in July of 2003. After a painful battle with infertility we became pregnant with... More
mom46 California
I'm 46, a mom of four, 16 and 27 year old boys, and 5 and 6 year old girls. I've usually been in... More
Marilyn Yohe, L.Ac., MAOM Cambridge, Massachusetts
Marilyn Yohe, Lic.Ac., MAOM, is a licensed and national board certified acupuncturist and Chinese... More
Dana Lynn G. Woodside, California
I am married and 3 months pregnant, yaaaay!!!. I am over 35 so I am concentrating on optimal... More
ladybug Wichita, Kansas
I am a single mother of 2 and pregnant with my 3rd.

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the ovulation calendar and it said my most fertil days were april 1-8 so I guess I wont be pregnant...
Help me Get Pregnant! Follow These Basic Steps and You Can Get Pregnant by just 4 families Patient Expert If you are hoping to get pregnant for some time (or what appears like a long time... pregnant much easier and much more all-natural. You can get pregnant through following a few fundamental...
Finally pregnant after a frozen ET ! by Dr. Aniruddha M. Medical Doctor more and more on the internet about the fertile days, printed out ovulation calendars, and made temperature charts. Finally..., but that still didn’t make me pregnant. My gynecologist said everything was fine, apart from two fibroids...
Dog Pregnancy – Caring Fоr а Pregnant Dog by heru m. Patient Expert longer fоr larger breeds аnd sоmеwhаt shorter fоr smaller оnеs. Accessing а dog pregnancy calendar...: Pregnant bitches love bеіng pampered wіth mоrе stroking! Regular walking, оr sоmе running wіthіn limits...
Breastfeeding Centerfold: Nursing Mums Become Calendar Girls by Jennifer Lance Patient Expert , every day of the year? That’s what the 2010 Rugby Breastfeeding Calendar is shooting for. It’s a calender... with their newborn baby at the breast. Another features a pregnant woman breastfeeding her four-year-old daughter...
The three ages of modern womanhood: don't get pregnant, won't get pregnant... can't get pregnant by Dr. Aniruddha M. Medical Doctor Women in early adulthood are in control of their reproductive health, personal and working lives. But the concerns of today are beginning to focus not only on failed contraception/family planning but recognition that family p
is she be pregnant? after what we do?, plsss,, answer.. :) if your period comes then most likely you are not pregnant. If you don't want to wait first response can be taken with accurate results as far as 5 days...
I would say that having sex everyday maybe even twice a day without protection then you have the same chance of being pregnant as any one else- about 25%.   If you don't want to be pregnant
.  So again- no you cannot get pregnant on your period UNLESS you bleed for between 8-10 days (this does not include spotting).  Only then will a womans fertile woman actually play a role so close to cessation of bleeding yes you can get pregnant...
if a woman has had her tube cut then she cannot get pregnant.  Tied tubes the chances are slightly higher because the tie may have slipped (though this an extremely rare situation).

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Introduction ... digested and enters the bloodstream, insulin moves any glucose out of the blood and into cells, where it is broken down to prod ... » Read on
Symptoms ... ases, gestational diabetes will not cause any symptoms. You may find that you are more thirty than usual, or that you need to pa ... » Read on