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More on the Definition of Care Management (and how well do IPAs and PHOs deliver on it) by JaanS Medical Doctor   The value proposition for IPAs and PHOs includes care management, but they have a ways to go. ...
Phosphate Free Automatic Dish Powder by Karen H. Patient ExpertHealth Maven Phosphates are what had me originally search for green alternatives. I wanted to say no to detergents that would foster the overgrowth of foul-smelling algae from choking lakes and rivers. I could not find a phosphate free o
Unreliable Phosphate Supplement manufacturer by Kamal S. Patient ExpertHealth Maven Traditionally people on dialysis have a problem with high phosphorus levels. However, those on nocturnal tend to have a problem with low phosphorus because phosphorus is relatively easily removed on dialysis and with the ad
Creatinine by Lauren B. Patient Expert Creatinine is a product that forms when creatine phosphate, a component of muscle tissue, is broken down. As this creatinine builds up in the blood, it is filtered into the urine by the kidneys. If the kidney function has
Sodium Phosphate Loading by Rob Whitehead Patient Expert I have used this is some of my key races with some success. Sodium phosphate loading improves laboratory cycling time-trial performance in trained cyclists. Folland JP,Stern R,Brickley G. School of Sport and Exercise Scie
What is alkaline phosphate? by Dr. Anshu Gupta Patient Expert Alkaline phosphatase is an enzyme, which is present in the blood, intestines, liver, and bones. The levels rise in liver damage or in growing bones. Children have higher levels than adults as their bones are in the growing ph
Excess dietary phosphate accelerates aging process by Dr. John Z. Medical Doctor -  Higher dietary levels of phosphorous (or phosphate) from sodas and processed foods accelerate the aging process
The Secrets Of Alpine Fitness by Chris .. Patient ExpertHealth Maven ** Maurice ** After spending a week in the Swiss alps not only did I have a load of fun but learnt a lot about the local diet and fitness regimes which inspired me to write this post. Its amazing to see the amount of men
Getting A Little ATP! by Connie S. Patient Expert Adenosine tri-phosphate. Energy. We Lymies could all use a little more of the stuff, and any and every little blip in the environment--including that of our bodies--can dramatically alter how much we have at any given moment
High-normal phosphate level may promote coronary artery calcification by Dr. John Z. Medical Doctor - Healthy adults with higher levels of phosphate in the blood are more likely to have increased levels of calcium in the coronary arteries - a key indicator of atherosclerosis and future cardiovascular disease

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Treatment ... epoeitin which is given three times a week. Correction of phosphate balance If you have kidney disease, you can get ... » Read on
Treatment ... ics, to remove excess fluid from the body, phosphate binders, to reduce the amount of phosphate (a mineral) ... » Read on