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, I am presently experiencing what I would consider chronic burning and tingling sensations in every part of my body... B-12? Both of these can cause tingling. ...
Any new sensation in your gums (which normally render no "feeling" at all) should be taken as a reason to examine the gums more closely.  In the absence of a nerve problem, I would suspect...
. I still have burning ,tingling,numbness in legs goin back and legs and twitching like nerv es that travels from my head... with nerlopathy but I don't know if this is connected. WHEN I GO TO SLEEP AND WAKE UP.  MY LEGS BE BURNING...
The intense pain down the side and back of your leg and tingling of your lower leg could be a sign of spinal stenosis, and possibly stenosis of the outlet where the the sciatic nerve goes down your leg...
I am not a physician and all I can suggest is what I suggest to most here - please go see your own medical provider who knows you best and can discuss this with you.   Lynn
An Update On ‘Tingling’ Tongue Problem While On A Low-Carb Diet by Jimmy M. Healthy Living Professional ! So, I am proud to report that today marks one week back on low-carb–with NO tingling/burning of my tongue/mouth... at the time who was experiencing a “tingling” sensation in her tongue claiming that it only happened...
Burn, Baby, Burn? by Andy B. Healthy Living Professional . If you happened to chew three pieces of gum every day while doing this, I’m sure some study could conclude that “chewing three pieces of gum a day while exercising regularly and eating a reduced-calorie diet results...
A herniated or bulging disc in the neck or the low back can cause numbness and tingling.  - Nav Gill 
of the higher nerves can cause various sensations.  Pressure in the lower cervical nerves can cause tingling...
check up that includes a thyroid evaluation (blood work TSH levels).  The tingling...

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Symptoms ... ing: swollen and irritated gums, with small painful sores in and around your mouth (known a ... » Read on
Complications ... y socket can cause a dull aching sensation that develops in the gum or jaw three to four days after surgery.  The pain may be ac ... » Read on