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Stomach/gastro-intestinal tract pains (and symptoms such as diarrhea) can be anxiety related.... However, pain in that area could also indicate liver or gallbladder problems, even an outside chance...
have you checked to see if perhaps you have a UTI or some sort of infection?
physician for an evaluation.  Pneumonias sitting on the diaphragm can cause stomach pain.  We'd also worry about his gall bladder & pancreas amongst other reasons for sudden onset abdominal pain.   I know he's...
if I had heartburn.  He said that the acid from my stomach was causing the sore throat and ear pain.  I started... and having an endoscopy.  I have had the same symptoms for years. It turned out that a valve in my stomach was not...
Stomach pains and taking a rest week by Allen Patient ExpertHealth Maven but couldn't get warm. After my half-an-hour drive home, I had a sharp pain in my stomach. The next morning I took some oxygenated water to kill any germs that might be causing the stomach pain and went to work...
I'm afraid there's not much a doctor can do if the patient won't come in for an evaluation.  There's really not much available over-the-counter to combat vomiting.  Instead, what really needs to happen is to figure out why yo
If the pain is severe then I would suggest you make an appointment with your physican.    From what I have heard though- stopping in the middle of the pack may very well confuse your body into thinking it needs...
hello josie b. If you are felling pains in the upper right hand side. Then i advised you that you  can consult with your doctore. You don't carelass about body.So, please take proper medicin otolaryngologist...
My stomach pain nearly everyti ... by Harper Patient Expert My stomach pain nearly everytime I eat these days has gotten out of hand. I'm cutting the Glyset... this will work. The pain has gotten to the point where food disgusts me. I'm dreading eating. Not fun. So far...
How To Alleviate Lower Back Pain Without Damaging Your Stomach Lining! by Tonie K. Patient Expert ! Do you ever experience stabbing pains at the base of your spine when you stand up suddenly? Maybe you suffer from ongoing lower back pain so much so, you can’t stand or sit comfortably for extended periods of time? Even...

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Causes ... orks in a similar way to a gate. It opens to let food into your stomach, and it closes to prevent any acid leaking back up into ... » Read on
Causes ... Indigestion can occur when acid from your stomach irritates the lining (mucosa) of your esophagus, stomach ... » Read on