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As this seems to have started before you began taking the Zoloft, it is likely to be stress triggered by switching from one antidepressant to another. However, it could be something else entirely. Without knowing your medical
Thank you so much for your response. I am very thankful! They have put me on some steroids and antacids for now which has seemed to help tremendously with the discomfort and have thought my discomfort to be due to the overly
I have pain under my left rib cage that radiates down to my left frontal side of my abdomal area... have complained about the left rib pain and many had found out they had a cyst on their spleen by an ultrasound...
I would suggest you make an appointment with your physican
Q&A Session at by Alvin B. Lin Medical DoctorHealth Maven Abdominal pain worse under right rib cage, achy under the left Follow @alvinblin
, especially if you are just starting to exercise again. I don't know if you've ever done any exercises where you feel the "burn" or...
The way I breathe can cause back pain?! by Dr. Brett K. Doctor of ChiropractyHealth Maven of the rib cage to the spine and separates your chest from the abdomen.  When we breathe in, the diaphragm...
Pain in the right lower quadrant is classic for appendicitis but that isn't usually associated with small bumps which I presume you are referring to skin lesions as opposed to hernia or some other mass under the skin.  If th
Kitchen Accidents: Plantains and Burning Skin by Mariposa .. Patient Expert at least that's what Jonathan tells me. I love it- it sticks to the ribs, keeps me full for hours... before I realized what was in my hand was really burning my skin off. EOOOOUCH!!!!! I dropped the pan- veggies...
Try this for a Flat Belly, Reduced Back Pain… and More by Total Health Breakthroughs Patient Expert the muscles of your upper body are doing the lifting of the rib cage to bring oxygen into your lungs... out your belly, and YES, burn more fat!  Your inner core is composed of four major muscle groups and 2...

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Symptoms ... feel from 'head to toe'. This pain may feel like an ache, or a burning sensation, or it may be more like a sharp stabbing pain. ... » Read on
Treatment ... t will not cause any damage. You may notice a burning sensation on your skin after applying capsaicin cream. T ... » Read on