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wwwguide Aloha, Oregon
My wife has MS and she was diagnosed in mid 1998. I became her sole caregiver in early July of... More
Cyborg Queen Las Vegas, Nevada
I'm known as Cyborg Queen. I have bilateral cochlear implants. I had surgery done in my left in... More
johnmorrison1823 California
for a long time I been suffering from Bad heartburn until I found this book which helped me... More
heatherlaur88 California
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Vivian O. Melbourne, AU
I empower individuals and teams to take ownership of their performance to create better results at... More

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Burning pain is usually due to nerve injury.  Leg pain can originate from a back injury irritating the spinal cord.  Burning pain can be leftover from shingles or reactivated chicken pox.  This is known...
As this seems to have started before you began taking the Zoloft, it is likely to be stress triggered by switching from one antidepressant to another. However, it could be something else entirely. Without knowing your medical
EAR PROBLEMS, EYE PROBLEMS, AND PET FOOD CONCERNS by Helpful Buckeye Doctor of Veterinary MedicineHealth Maven .  In one form or another, our readers have been wondering about ear problems in dogs, eye problems... to each of these most-requested topics. Dealing With Doggy Ear Infections An ear-care routine will help prevent...
But ... I Just Came Here For My Itchy Ears! by Jennifer Bunker Patient Expert if silence as she read the volumes of papers. I left with stuff for my ears and an appointment to see... it for a while and that's what I was doing. So, life was going along fine. One day last month I woke up with itchy ears...
Most of us are not absolutely symmetric such that the right side is exactly equal to the left side... of our face whereby the right is not a mirror image of the left.  Even less obvious is the inequality...
! I  have the burning sensation on my left leg from just below the hip to the knee. It feels like someone is putting...I was just diganose with  meralgia paresthetica.  The burning sensation would happen when I sit...
P.Ravi Kumar, Are you also getting numbness and tingling into the fingers and hands? What about muscle weakness in the biceps and other related muscles?  It could be a cervical radiculopathy.
have you checked to see if perhaps you have a UTI or some sort of infection?
My Right Ear is jealous... by Cyborg Queen Patient Expert ...then I cleaned up her stomach contents. Onward... I have started to wear my hearing aid in my right ear when I am driving. The music sounds a lot softer than a few weeks ago after my map. In a way, I feel like my left...
Q&A Session at by Alvin B. Lin Medical DoctorHealth Maven I'm having a pain in my left shoulder and it goes up the side of my neck... what could this be? Follow @alvinblin

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Symptoms ... feel from 'head to toe'. This pain may feel like an ache, or a burning sensation, or it may be more like a sharp stabbing pain. ... » Read on
Treatment ... t will not cause any damage. You may notice a burning sensation on your skin after applying capsaicin cream. T ... » Read on