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I found health and wellness almost two years ago through something I loved eating anyway, just... More

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I am sorry, you are having pain! The pain can catually be coming from many places...heart is one... thing first, so based on your history, and the history of the pain, they may want to run some tests...
How is chest pain of unstable angina different from Infarct pain ? by Dr. Sangareddi V. Medical Doctor by the  character of chest pain alone ? Very  tough task isn’t  ? But there are some definite clues . Infarct...  crescendo character  as myocytes  does not necrose (Just threaten to die !) The chest pain radiation...
chest pain.  So could esophageal issues, eg esophagitis, strictures, spasms, tears, etc.  Likewise, heartburn can cause chest pain.  It's less likely to be due to mediastinal issues...
Any time someone complains of chest pain, we worry about heart attacks, regardless of age and sex... cancer diagnosis is the other).  Heart attacks are typically associated with chest pain that may or...
always a good idea to get chest pain evaluated by a doctor. If you are a healthy, young active person... Pain is a pain to figure out, isn't it? First off, the kind of pain you are describing, sharp...
I'm not a doctor and can't prescribe treatment, but if it were me I would see a doctor about it. In the meantime, stay away from strenous exercise. Has your weight shot up recently? If so you might have swelling. Check your h
someone who slept awkard one night and now has neck pain, he can't turn his head, and he is having trouble eating...
I suggest you have your own doctor check you over, but it is very possible that you were having a panic attack. About 20% of people that go to an ER thinking they are having a heart attack are found to be experiencing panic
Chest pain by Stuart G. Patient Expert of society, is becoming dangerous. My next call was to a 74 year-old who was complaining of chest pain... onto your chest and my first call was to a 57 year-old, in good health and with years of experience ‘pumping iron...
Unexplained chest pain can be due to stress by Niell A. Patient ExpertFacebook . Chest pain is a common reason for patients to seek emergency treatment. A considerable number of patients are diagnosed with unexplained chest pain, which means that the pain cannot be linked...

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Symptoms ... , when stomach acid refluxes back into the esophagus, deep burning chest pain, which may include the shoulder blades. The p ... » Read on
Symptoms ... indigestion may feel like an ache, a feeling of heaviness, or a burning sensation. Indigestion symptoms are often described as h ... » Read on