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the spotting right when I would have started my period. I did test again today which would be 31...I forgot to mention that during the 2 days of spotting I noticed flakes in the toilet bowl...
my experiences! I have had brown/red spotting for 3-7 days before my period starts for as long as i can remember... spotting & brown bleeding with some brown mucus/clots a few days before & after periods every month...
i had my period then two days later had protected sex. but after this the condom accidentaly drop... discharge. 3 days later i found a few spots of blood in this discharge.what could it mean...
.... I did have spotting in between periods, even thought I was pregnant (at age 50!) because I missed three in a row, then it came back with a vengeance and I had two heavy cleansing periods. My doctor had me have a pelvic ultrasound...
Is there a reason why you haven't made an appointment with  your GYN? Old blood apparently had built up and the way to resolve it is to bleed or spot over a period of time
the easiest thing would to be to go ahead and get yourself a home pregnancy test.  Spotting can be caused by a variety of things so that would be the best way to save your sanity.   If you don't mind...
I'm going through the same thing your going through. Can someone please answer dis question have you gone to the physican for testing?
I would take another home pregnancy test before you begin the medication.  I would advise that you really read and understand what the side effects of this medication are.
Dear Caraa, Without more information, it's hard to tell if this is part of your menses or some other condition such as an infection. The only way to be sure is to see your health care practitioner. Good luck and let us kno
will appear before you expect your period and many people mistaken it for spotting before their period..., they may experience a bit of spotting in their panties or even some pinkish or brown discharge...

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Symptoms ... etite. Dry cough. Red-brown spotty rash that appears 3 to 4 days after first symptoms, ... » Read on
Symptoms ... oms You may be able to see dark brown or black powder on your skin or in your underwear - these ... » Read on