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Brown Spots

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my experiences! I have had brown/red spotting for 3-7 days before my period starts for as long as i can remember... spotting & brown bleeding with some brown mucus/clots a few days before & after periods every month...
Am 24, and I did read about  the brown spotting could mean that you could be getting your period... it is for you to have irregular menses (periods).  And depending upon the speed of your flow, it might range from brown (slow...
.... I did have spotting in between periods, even thought I was pregnant (at age 50!) because I missed three in a row... then I spot for about a week to two then it stops.  I have never had this before.  The pain is horrible...
I would call my OB ASAP. Guessing at something like this is not recommended. If you are not pregnant you could have another issue such as diabetes which one of the symptoms is going to the bathroom often.
Is there a reason why you haven't made an appointment with  your GYN? Old blood apparently had built up and the way to resolve it is to bleed or spot over a period of time...
Hi there - brown spotting while worriesome can be nothing more than implantation bleeding.  Brown = old blood.  Red blood = active bleeding.  I'd make sure you are drinking oodles of water - 96 ounces
I forgot to mention that during the 2 days of spotting I noticed flakes in the toilet bowl. I haven't spotted for 2 days now but still see the flakes? is it possible that I ovulated late...
i had sex on feb 14 n we had sex witout an today i have a discharge that is brown What could that mean? ermm, for the past 2 days ive had 'old blood', it smells a bit nasty, i can see that it is old...
It sounds as if your body is getting ready to shed your lining.  Brown usually indicates that it is "old blood". Pink is good as well. Wait it out for a few more days and see what happens...
Did you start your pack this cycle on time?  You said you were off in taking you BC... how off  were you? well its been about a week and a half. Still havent had my period. I have taken two hpts and theyre both negative. I ha

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