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And Now for the Drama of the Day..... by Pamela B. Patient ExpertHealth Maven Rhett hasn't been eating well for a while, since he had his bronch done last Wednesday. He mostly has only wanted Pediasure from his bottle. Last night I decided that since he loves Potato's I would try to entice him to ea
How a Bronchoscopy Works by Lauren B. Patient Expert A bronchoscopy or "bronch" as it is often referred to by patients, is a procedure performed by a pulmonologist when a closer look of the airways and lungs is needed. This helps the doctor determine the progression of lu
Home from my bronch. Doing gre ... by CysticGal Patient Expert Home from my bronch. Doing great. Time for food and sleep. My throat hurts so talkin=ow. Love, beth
pyjamas in the daytime by derrick m. Healthy Living Professional I’ve watched the summer evenings pass by I’ve heard the rattle in my bronchi…b.roberts You wonder where you pick things up sometimes. I can pick up a southern drawl in about 3 days of constant...
Strike Two by Nathan L. Patient Expert They were able to do a biopsy during the bronch, but it looks like the samples they pulled are useless, so they can't yet determine if it is cancer or something else. This means that Tricia will be scheduled for a surgical
Out of the Bronch by Nathan L. Patient Expert Tricia is back in her room, waking up from the light sedation meds. We haven't talked with anyone yet, so we don't even know if they were able to get what they needed from the biopsy. We'll hopefully speak with somebody wh
Positive by Nathan L. Patient Expert The PET Scan came back positive. This could mean that either she does have the PTLD or that she has a fungus that is causing inflamation. She getting her bronch right now. Please, if you read this in the next several
Bronch Scheduled by Nathan L. Patient Expert 2:30pm today. As far as we know, the biopsy will also take place then. The transplant doctor just came in and hasn't heard back about the PET Scan yet. Nate
48 Hours by Nathan L. Patient Expert Lots of good things have happened in the past 48 hours.... First, Tricia and Gwyneth got lots of hang time together...Gwyneth enjoys it more than she appears to in this first picture. Tricia's bronch
1 Month Bronch by Nathan L. Patient Expert We learned last minute that Tricia has her 1 month Bronchoscopy today. She's having it done right now, with the help of a few light sleeping meds, which should make the rest of the afternoon fun. :D Nate

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