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Classical Five Element Acupuncture port townsend, Washington
In my practice of acupuncture I treat the underlying cause of the symptom and the whole person,... More
tcroe California
I am a hard working man trying to figure out how to deal with my 8 yr old son. I have been told by... More
chuck California
i turn 50 in two weeks i thinkimin good shape have a hard job iron worker just started 3weeks ago... More
Judith L. San Luis Obispo, California
I am a mother of two, grandmother of one (and foster-grandmother of another!), who has had... More
Patty B. Granbury, Texas
I lost a kidney and have just recently found a path to take because a Doctor took the time to... More

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Autism Is Different Not Less like Equating a Broken Finger with Being a Quadriplegic by Kim S. Patient Expert Managing Editor's Note: James Terminiello has nailed the white washing that is Autism "Acceptance and Awareness" month in his editorial in New . What began as Leo Kanner's diagnosis of a whole body, th
Firsthand symptoms of a broken healthcare system by Tony - Hospital Impact Healthy Living Professional by Thomas Dahlborg It's one thing to discuss anecdotal symptoms of our broken healthcare system. It's something totally different to live with those symptoms, or to witness their impact...
More firsthand symptoms of a broken healthcare system by Tony - Hospital Impact Healthy Living Professional Betty to her doctors and once more witness firsthand symptoms of a broken healthcare system. Betty... to too much potassium and resulted in cardiac symptoms. Second, she was not using her appropriately prescribed inhaler...
Even more firsthand symptoms of a broken healthcare system by Tony - Hospital Impact Healthy Living Professional by Thomas Dahlborg "You are not going to be a professional baseball player ... " Jimmy is a player on the high school recreational basketball team I coach, and yes, the orthopedic surgeon who reviewed Jimmy's MRI an
Are Problems with Balance a Symptom of Alzheimer's? by Bob DeMarco Patient Expert with it". The finger was broken in two places. The finger next to it was turning purple, and was so big I couldn't... it could be a symptom of another problem. You are always better off when you know. Not knowing only leads to greater...
Get Your Fingers on “Lady’s Fingers”: 3 Raw Food Recipes and 18 Reasons to Eat Okra! by Tera W. Patient Expert : Symptoms, Causes & Solutions 10 Reasons Pregnant Women Should Eat More Figs! Green Smoothie Recipes..., as its vitamin C is an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, which curtails the development of asthma symptoms...
35 Symptoms of Perimenopause: Dry, Itchy Skin by Magnolia Miller Healthy Living Professional One of the most bizarre manifestations of my hormonal chaos has been the itches.  Everything itched.  And I mean EVERYTHING.  But, mostly, my head. My scalp has always given me trouble.  Meaning, I’ve always had itchy
World’s longest fingernails lost in SUV accident – This Woman Can Cry over Her broken fingernails by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven The loss of her nails has probably cost here a bit of money I might guess.  Watch the video of an appearance on a talk show.  Very interesting stuff.   BD Lee Redmond, 67, of Salt Lake City — said to have the world’s lon
Waterfalls, spiderwebs, broken pinkies, broken glass, and snakes by Ken C. Patient Expert like this, she separated a rotator cuff and was out of commission for about 8 weeks. This time no bones were broken, but her right hand wrapped around her spiderweb stick, and her pinky finger rolled underneath...
Perimenopause Symptoms: Several Symptoms of Perimenopause Revealed! by Cathy T. Healthy Living Professional Perimenopause Symptoms: Several Symptoms of Perimenopause Revealed! Article by Michael Mensa... at what perimenopause is, as well as the symptoms of perimenopause. What is perimenopause? Perimenopause...

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Causes ... velop frozen shoulder after a shoulder or arm injury, such as a broken bone (fracture), or after having surgery to your shoulder ... » Read on
Introduction A broken or cracked bone is known as a fracture. Fractures can aff ... » Read on