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Breathing Interruption Episodes

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Kirsten H. San Francisco, California
I am passionate about chiropractic (my profession) and dance! My life's calling is to support... More
FreeSpirit2219 Dos Vientos, California
*Medium / Spiritual Counselor *Vegan / Raw Foodist (%) *Sagittarius *Always looking... More
Movements Afoot New York City, New York
LESLEY POWELL, the founder and director of Movements Afoot, has been a private fitness trainer... More
Naturalgal U, Minnesota
After years of suffering from depression, I went to the medical doctors for help. I believed the... More
Moopz US
Who am I? Ainâ??t that the question! To most people I am a strong entrepreneur who has... More

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Episode 692, In Which We Hold Our Breath by UncommonJulia Patient Expert Did you know that once one falls out of the habit of openly discussing one's vagina and uterus in a public forum, it can be difficult to get back into the swing of it?  Did you know that it becomes exponentially more challen
Breath Holding Spells....Scary! by Melanie Patient Expert so I picked her up. I waited for that big scream, but it didn't come...she was holding her breath... she started to slowing pink up again...I think she took a tiny breath, but she was still not breathing...
Meandering With Myrn – Episode 145 by Myrna M. Doctor of Veterinary MedicineHealth Maven Liposuction and Behavioral Problems Let me apologize upfront for an anthropomorphic lapse in this podcast. For some it would be bad enough that I attributed—gasp!—thought processes to a dog. To have the dog verbalize thos
Meandering With Myrn: Episode 228 by Myrna M. Doctor of Veterinary MedicineHealth Maven  Biological Search Engines This is a rough idea of the two images I saw peripherally that served as the inspiration for the podcast:     And no, I wasn’t drinking! Another somewhat related story is that shortly
Breathe Easier with Diaphragmatic Breathing by Jane M. Certified Respiratory Therapist . And using this, along with the pursed lips breathing, will go a long way in helping you get through anxious episodes.   One more word... Last time we talked about pursed lip breathing for COPD - what it is, and why it helps...
Episode 25 Sleep Apnea by Rob W. Patient Expert Episode 25 Sleep Apnea This podcast features an interview by Bronwyn Cleary with Doctor Ünal... on episode 17 and Take the Quiz on episode 18 free. Also I have updated our links...
Episode 25 Sleep Apnea by Rob W. Patient Expert Episode 25 Sleep Apnea This podcast features an interview by Bronwyn Cleary with Doctor Ünal at the EANM. for those that want to try a quiz for our recent podcast they can go direct...
in a bowl of ice water (in an attempt to invoke a diving reflex).  Sometimes holding your breath and straining as if you're pushing out a constipated bowel movement (but don't!) will stop the episode...
Getting Constipated and Having Bad Breath with Atkins by Swati S. breath. I came across an article that mentioned how to avoid this. Drink Lots of water. Chew... tolerate Magnesium and may trigger a pretty serious episode. I agree with Stephanie, any diet that causes...
Tell Me You Love Me: Episode 02 by Kristen .. Patient Expert . In the beginning of the episode, Carolyn pees on an OPK and she's surging. She yells down to Palek, who is watching... though in the last episode, she asked the RE about the donor sperm process). He got the sense that she wanted...

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