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Jessi Huntington, West Virginia
I'm boring really. Likes: animals, my family, my friends, my kids, plotting evils.... More
Linda R. Murrieta, California
I have been a licensed Psychiatric Technician for the last 32 years of my life, with most of my... More
Lopendpwd California
Supercharged HCG is basically a hormone which is produced by the pregnant woman’s placenta.... More
hecules wifey erie, Pennsylvania
hy dis yo gurl shakira im happy to b on tjis fo u guys can help me out. i been tryin to get... More

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Breastfeeding While Pregnant? by Deb .. Healthy Living Professional her to stop breastfeeding her 8 month old child because she was pregnant again. She seemed conflicted... more deeply, as breastfeeding while pregnant may be an issue for many women. I also consulted Dr. Gae Rodke...
Medicine Mondays: Children and Twitching; Pregnant and Breastfeeding; Hair Loss after Pregnancy by Dr. Sheila Cason Medical Doctor for your child. Anemia and Getting Pregnant Question: When having my baby I lost a lot of blood and ended... want to be like 7, 8, or 9 months pregnant in my middle of summer. Do I really have to wait? Answer...
Guest Post: 3 Breastfeeding Questions to Answer While You’re Still Pregnant by BreastFeedingMums .. Patient Expert when you’re pregnant. Breastfeeding preparation can get pushed aside as seemingly unneccessary as a priority.... Be ready to breastfeed by answering (and acting upon the answers) of the following breastfeeding questions...
Breastfeeding Mums Forum • Am I Pregnant? by BreastFeedingMums .. Patient Expert From Breastfeeding Mums Forum: Hi everyone, need some advice. I have a 3 year old son and when I caught pregnant with him I came off the pill in the January and I was pregnant...
baby bunching Q/A: getting pregnant while breastfeeding by Linda and Cara .. Healthy Living Professional We received this question from Julie. It's one that we thought we'd throw it out there for our readers since neither of us were trying to get pregnant while breastfeeding. Q: I have a 2 1/2 year old and a...
Fish intake while pregnant and breastfeeding improve baby’s development by Dr. John Z. Medical Doctor Newswise — Higher consumption of low-mercury fish and longer breastfeeding are both linked... and infants from Denmark. Maternal fish consumption and longer breastfeeding were independently beneficial...
New Recommendations for Pregnant and Breastfeeding Women, and Children by Gina Nick Doctor of Philosophy Federal officials on Tuesday announced major changes in advice to pregnant and breastfeeding women by recommending consumption of at least 8 ounces of low-mercury fish per week...
Breastfeeding and Pregnant? See where it takes you! by BreastFeedingMums .. Patient Expert Some people are a step ahead of the rest of us! Take a very simple idea, add two enterprising young men, a dash of genius and what do you get? The Big Word Project , that's what!
Join the Breastfeeding Carnival: Pregnancy and Breastfeeding by BreastFeedingMums .. Patient Expert during your pregnancy Your advice to pregnant women about breastfeeding Breastfeeding during pregnancy ... May is Pregnancy Awareness Month , and for this month's breastfeeding carnival we're seeking
Acupuncture for Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Breastfeeding by Marilyn Yohe, L.Ac., MAOM Licensed AcupuncturistHealth MavenComplimentary & Alternative Medicine Acupuncture is ideal for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, because it is non-invasive.... Acupuncture for Breastfeeding Acupuncture can also help with many breastfeeding difficulties, including...

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Treatment ... table for those under the age of 18, women who are pregnant, or breastfeeding, or those who are anorexic, or bulimic. It is also ... » Read on
Causes ... s to their babies during pregnancy, when giving birth or during breastfeeding. Pregnant women are tested for hepatitis B. If the ... » Read on