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Kate Smith Los Angeles, California
Writer and blogger.Love nature and travel.Health fitness savvy.
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My doctors said there is no cure for my disease, but I believe that future advancements in science... More

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Buffalo CCSVI Study Results Revealed; A Significant Step on the Journey Towards a Cure? by Wheelchair Kamikaze Patient Expert studied, 10.2% were borderline for CCSVI, which allows for some variance in the interpretation of the final.... In fact, I participated in a "Natural History of MS" study at the National Institutes of Health...
HOW TO CURE SIBO, Small Intestinal Bowel Overgrowth: Step #5 Exercise low-moderate intensity one hour daily continuously (10,000 by Dr. B G Doctor of Pharmacy 7-Steps Paleo* Gastro IQ SIBO Protocol HOW TO CURE SIBO, SMALL BOWEL INTESTINAL OVERGROWTH(with major... may also 'break' the sweeping motions that naturally occur in the small intestines leading to pseudoobstructions...
Organotherapy, Drainage and Detoxification. by Dr. Joe Rozencwajg Complimentary & Alternative Medicine while Nature cures the disease.......Voltaire. The Art of Homeopathy consists in curing the patient... disease that is supposed to displace the natural disease. But it does not do that on its own; the remedy...
Mercury and Tremor by Jeffrey Dach MD by Jeffrey Dach MD Medical Doctor Encapsulations Supplements Click Here for: Dr Dach's Online Store for Nature's.... The dentate participants, on average, had 25 natural teeth, 36.9 decayed or filled surfaces (DFS), and 19.9...
Evidence that ME/CFS is NOT a Somatisation Disorder by Andrea P. Patient Expert from going too high. The result of this is that the patient develops compensatory hypothyroidism, which means..., there will be low cardiac output. There is no such thing as an ME/CFS patient who is NOT hypothyroid...
Evidence That ME/CFS Is Not A Somatisation Disorder by Rachel M. Patient Expert hypothyroidism, which means that now the patient will have trouble with feeling cold. Also,  the body will not.... There  is no such thing as an ME/CFS patient who is NOT  hypothyroid: this has nothing to do with thyroid failure...
Gluten Sensitivity, Is Your Food Making You Sick? by Jeffrey Dach MD by Jeffrey Dach MD Medical Doctor and Celiac (8) disease was 3-fold higher in patients than in controls (p < 0.0005). Hypothyroidism, diagnosed in 31...

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Introduction ... uces hormones that keep the metabolism functioning effectively. Hypothyroidism describes the general effects of a severely under ... » Read on
Symptoms The symptoms of adult hypothyroidism are dull facial expressions and a low-pitched and ... » Read on