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It’s Official: No Bone Lesions by Margaret Patient Expert , a very nice peppy young doctor whose mother, coincidentally, has MM. She confirmed that I have no bone lesions, and told me that the arthritic thingies that were written [...]
Big Heart But No Bone Lesions! by Margaret Patient Expert This morning I picked up my skeletal survey results and all the X-rays (about a dozen or so) that I had done last week. It’s a good thing that I earned my living for many years as a translator and acquired useful translatin
Safety Investigation of Patient Burns Associated with Electric Dental Handpieces and Electric Oral Bone-cutting Handpieces by FDA , Dental Assistants Devices: Electric dental handpieces and electric oral bone-cutting handpieces are AC... professionals: Be vigilant about maintaining electric dental handpieces and electric oral bone cutting...
Meat and bone meal back into feed 12 Jan 2010 by Terry S. Patient Expert Meat and bone meal back into feed 12 Jan 2010 Author: Dick Ziggers It has been ten years now since the European Commission has banned the use of meat and bone meal (mbm) in animal feeds...
A Radiologist Discusses His Experience with "Don't Touch Lesions" (DTLs) by Bruce Friedman Patient Expert of the distal femur.  Lesions that are normal and should be categorized as definitely benign include bone... bone scan.  I was told that a biopsy of the lesion has already been performed and was diagnosed...
Scientific reasons for a feed ban of meat-and-bone meal, applicable to all farmed animals including cattle, pigs, poultry, farme by Terry S. Patient Expert US because it had been contaminated by dog food, some of which is formulated to contain bovine origin meat and bone meal. The auger.... IT is perfectly legal to feed dogs and cats here in the USA bovine meat and bone meal. Canine dementia is real...
Curcumin and bone destruction by Margaret Patient Expert  the formation of osteoclasts, and we know what happens at that point: bone lesions. RANKL is thus a therapeutic... and resorptional activity in a dose-dependent manner. Then, in the “Discussion” part, we read that Bone...
Curcumin May Prevent Bone Loss by Margaret Patient Expert to which curcumin may be helpful in treating secondary bone lesions associated with breast cancer and multiple... It always helps to reread studies. Yesterday I had a second look at a study on curcumin and bone...
Study Shows Improvements in MS Patients Who Replace Bone Marrow With Stem Cells by stuart Patient Expert March 21, 2011 -- Replacing bone marrow with the body’s own stem cells may help patients with aggressive...  for multiple sclerosis.By purposefully wiping out the immune cells in a patient’s bone marrow with chemotherapy...
Better than Drugs: Vitamins D & K, Calcium to Treat Bone Loss by The Verigin Dental Health Team Doctor of Dentistry and other bisphosphonates causing osteonecrotic lesions in the jaw . These sites of dead and decaying tissue – an ironic result for a class of drugs meant to strengthen bone, no? As follow-up a little more than a month later...

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Diagnosis ... A physical examination by the doctor will show bone tenderness, swelling and redness coming from an infection o ... » Read on
Treatment ... Tiredness, and Myelosuppression (bone marrow suppression). Lipo ... » Read on