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Daisy B. Charleston, West Virginia
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My name is Jessica, but I bet you could figure that out already. I recently moved to Utah from... More
brunette76 California
I'm 34 years old and I'm suffering from severe depression.  I have my good days and my... More
ClaireRiskin Sydney, AU
Ovarian Cyst While Pregnant Information
Donna Peach Long Beach, California
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What is that Bump on my Tailbone? Pilonidal Cyst Symptoms, Treatments, Surgery by Michael A. Zadeh Medical DoctorHealth MavenFacebook What is a Pilonidal Cyst? A Pilonidal Cyst is a cyst  that develops in the midline of the tailbone near the cleft of the buttocks. The most accepted theory for the cause of these cysts is the blockage
I have it too. Have had it for years. Don't know what causes it, but it is no bother, so I live with it!
Dentigerous Cyst by Dr. Jason Hales Doctor of Dentistry defect on distal >14mm. Radigraphs revealed resorption of the distal root, and extensive bone loss on the distal of #31. Due to the strange resorptive pattern and bone loss around the impacted wisdom tooth...
Fat Belly, Large Bones, Irregular Periods: Check for PCOS by Dr. Gabe M. Medical Doctor obesity, large bones and muscles, hair to grow on faces and bodies, male-pattern baldness, acne, irregular... on their bodies, acne, and large muscles and bones and that progesterone can protect them from uterine cancer...
Dogs and cysts and crochet, oh my! by Zipperhead .. Patient Expert , isn't it? My CCF has failed, and I've lost 1 1/2 inches in the last year, based on my recent bone scan. We can however put off surgery indefinitely. Why? Because I've developed a Tornwaldt cyst...
Making Peace With My “Big Bones by Lynn Bering Healthy Living Professional From the time I was a teen, people have described me as “big-boned.” Didn’t matter my weight, I was always big-boned and I never questioned it. After all, people could see me better than I could see...
Where have I been!!! by Veronica E. Patient Expert I’m back, barely, but I’m functional again. No, it really wasn’t my fibromyalgia, it was some idiot doctor who almost killed me!!! I went in for a bone cyst biospy and came out will damage...
Bones, Bones, Brittle Little Bones. by Poker Face Patient ExpertHealth Maven Today my talking Yoda died. Well his batteries did. My future is over! I can no longer squeeze his hands to have my questions answered! I need to fix him. Anyway, life is funny. I feel so utterly confused about so many things
The situation you describe might be part of the bone graft being rejected by the target site.   When bone grafts do not heal, they become recognized as "foreign bodies" which are then expelled
Health Headlines - April 30 by Meredy Registered NurseHealth Maven Chinese Herbal Compound May Treat Kidney Cysts A compound derived from a traditional Chinese medicine may reduce the incidence of kidney-destroying cysts in people prone to the illness, researchers...

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Causes The cause of bone cysts is largely unknown, although they may occur after tra ... » Read on
Complications ... The most common complication caused by a bone cyst is a fracture. However, because bone cysts can grow (a ... » Read on