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Kim N. WALNUT CREEK, California
Physical fitness and athletics have been my life since I've been young. As a child, I was... More
dreamstar California
Hi everyone, i am a personal trainer from England, i love helping others to attain goals in... More
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LotusRose Wylie, Texas
Elle Issaquah, Washington
I am the founder of Secret Changes, a website for personal growth.  I have drawn on my own... More

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Reducing body fat and improving one’s body composition is a common goal for both serious athletes and the general fitness by Richard S. Patient Expert enzymes in your body, lower levels of fat burning hormones, muscle wasting, greater appetite, and low... run they can actually make you fatter. You will almost certainly regain additional body fat once...
Change in fatty composition of the diet found to boost the body’s fat-burning potential by Dr. John B. Medical Doctor There are lots of different types of fat in the diet, including what are know as “polyunstaturated” fats. These fats come in two major forms in the diet: omega-6 and omega-3. The main omega-6 fatty acid
Higher protein diet outperforms lower protein one in terms of fat loss and body composition by Dr. John B. Medical Doctor for this concerns that fact that such diets do tend to outperform high-carb, low-fat diets when it comes to fat loss and [...]...
Body Fat Loss: Saturated Fat Kicks the Cr*pola Out Of Olive Oil by Dr. B G Doctor of Pharmacy can double the body fat loss compared with equal portions of olive oil in near-obese (BMI ~29) men and women on a muffin diet. (Yes, high carb muffin diet.) These studmuffins still somehow lost body fat -- visceral...
Beach Body: BURN BODY FAT and be 'Forever Young' by Dr. B G Doctor of Pharmacy to lose body fat. It has worked also for the same 5 lbs of body fat I've lost a dozen times in the last 2... of California, Berkeley showed that the body uses mainly fats for fuel at rest and low exercise intensities...
Contest: Guess My Body Fat Percentage by Mark S. Healthy Living Professional barker, guess my body fat and win a Damage Control Master Formula. The winner will be the one who, before tomorrow’s post, guesses what the “gold standard” hydrostatic test showed my body fat percentage...
What Does Body Composition Mean? | Fitness, Health and Exercise Glossary by Matt C. Patient Expert fitness, body composition is defined as the percentage of fat, muscle, and bone in the body. Usually it’s... fat surrounding organs. Body composition will typically be displayed as either a percentage of fat...
Body Fat Calipers | Fitness and Exercise Gadget Reviews by Matt C. Patient Expert , Body Composition Analysis, Body Fat Caliper, Body Fat Caliper Chart, Body Fat Calipers, Body Fat... When It Comes to Measuring Body Fat, Forget The Fancy Electronic Scales and Instead Reach...
Hunter-Gatherer Body Composition by Mark S. Healthy Living Professional in the comment board about the body composition of our hunter-gatherer ancestors. Was Grok lean and ripped or not... ratio plays a huge role in hunter-gatherer body composition. The more activity...

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Why it is necessary ... en the bones. DEXA can also be used to detect body composition, including the precise amount of body fat, musc ... » Read on
Treatment ... epilepsy was the ketogenic diet. This is a diet that is high in fats, and low in carbohydrates and protein. This diet can alter ... » Read on