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mom46 California
I'm 46, a mom of four, 16 and 27 year old boys, and 5 and 6 year old girls. I've usually been in... More
hungry4ahealthylife California
I'm a 30 year old girl living in the desert in AZ. I recently embarked on a journey to get... More
Mark Willaman is founder and president of Fisher Vista, LLC, the owners of,... More
Kandi North Babylon, New York
I am a 28 year old Female who was once very athletic. I am 5' 9" and about 235lbs. I danced... More
Jenny LA, California
Hey all, I came across this community long ago while trying to find some answers and hoped that... More

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"Healthy" Weight Ranges and BMI by Angie All The Way Patient Expert I am a 26 (almost 27) year old female 5'5" tall. According to the Weight Watchers range chart... and manageable weight that is healthy for me and my poor hip. I did some BMI checking and right now at 185lbs...
Impact of BMI on Breast Cancer Survival by Aaron Tabor Medical Doctor blogs . New breast cancer research explored the relationship between body mass index (BMI), age... nearly 2,300 breast cancer patients, grouped them by their BMI level, and compared recurrence free survival...
Obesity Responsible for 33,000 Breast Cancers Yearly by Aaron Tabor Medical Doctor HERE.  Overall, this report indicated that 17% (33,000 cases) of breast cancer cases each year are due to being overweight... body weight.  Other findings included: Increasing BMI was associated with an increasing breast...
Hello Geri,   I would need some specific information about your situation before I could offer any suggestions? Perhaps you could explain more why you believe you have not been having any active sex life. What has changed
Anything that will keep her hands active will be useful as a substitute.  This is the time when creativity becomes your most valuable asset.  Try folding laundry, especially small items like wash cloths still warm from the dr
Be sure she does stretches to strengthen her hips and knees. Here are the ones I do. Her team should have access to a sports doctor who can check her out and suggest further treatment.  
What you are describing is most likely an enlarged lymph node. There are various things that can cause this. You need to make an appointment with a physician or surgeon who can obtain a complete history and physical exam from
Not sure what your question is, especially in this chronic pain community.  Bones are predominantly made of calcium so there should be no surprise that your ribs (which are bones) are calcified.  I'd be more concerned if they
no..acne isnt usually considered to be a pregnancy symptom
Claire, A lot of veterinarians will tell a client to observe a growth on their dog or cat to see if it starts to get larger or starts to bother the pet.  Generally, if it starts to grow, a decision needs to be made about re

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Causes ... e over the age of 50. All women between 50-70 years of age should be screened for breast cancer every year. ... » Read on
Diagnosis ... urally. 95% of couples are able to conceive naturally after two years of having unprotected sex. If you have not been trying for ... » Read on