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Blurring Of Vision

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EnergeticYogi California
"Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside... More
The Web site of The California Department of Public Health... More
Ellen G. SAN FRANCISCO, California
I have been in the Health and Fitness Industry for over twenty years. I created EnerG coaching,... More

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that you are supposed to go to.. LOL Yes, blurred vision in one or both eyes is a common symptom of Multiple Sclerosis...? If so, that would be Vertigo. Vertigo is also very common and for me, I get blurred vision and the room starts spinning...
Looking into the Eye - MS and Vision by stuart Patient Expert If you've ever had double or blurred vision, eye pain or any visual limitations, you're not... sudden loss of vision, usually in one eye, blurred vision and eye pain. It is the most common MS-related...
Blurry Vision by Lesa Patient Expert Now I am dealing with blurred vision. What next I ask?? Started last night. My pupils seem extra...! Never had a problem with my vision before. Veddy Strange! (Hey! Before I forget...
Blurry Vision by Romelette L. Patient Expert I am a bit worried with what is happening with my eyesight. I think my vision is going on a downhill. I got espisodes of headaches and my right eye always seems to have some dirt on it. The cataract...
Blurry Vision by Erinn .. Patient Expert "It is such a beautiful day again today", I thought as I drove past the familiar buildings. I was on my way home after running a few errands and I was tired, but better yet would be that the kids are tired, I thought. I
African Journal #25: Vision Today, Gone Tomorrow by Coco Patient Expert that would eventually deteroriate my vision as I got older. Usher Syndrome, to me, was not an issue I’d cared to remind... in my life, including the remaining vision I had. Whatever time I had left to see, I travel the globe, taking...
Can Anxiety Cause Vision Problems? by Paul Patient Expert the benefit is lost. In addition to blurred or tunneled vision you may have also experienced peripheral... Having tricks of vision is most definitely an anxiety symptom.  The type of tricks vary...
E.D. Drugs Don’t Effect Vision by k Patient Expert in life some of the same men that were told that when they were young started to experience blurred vision... with the problem? I don;t think this is one of those instances. I guess a little blurred vision isn’t going to stop...
@amigraineur After reading your post/reply regarding dizziness....I decided to check my blood pressure. I have been on meds for high blood pressure for a couple of years now... the past few weeks I too have been very dizz
What is Considered Low/Poor Vision? by Lucy J. Patient Expert , above or below eye level. – Night Blindness: Problems seeing in poorly lit areas. – Blurred Vision... Low Vision, also referred to as poor vision, is when a person loses...

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Introduction Double vision, the common name for diplopia, is seeing two images of a ... » Read on
Symptoms ... photophobia), floaters (dots that move across the field of vision), blurred vision due to cells from the blood vessels ... » Read on