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Blurred Vision Causes

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that you are supposed to go to.. LOL Yes, blurred vision in one or both eyes is a common symptom of Multiple Sclerosis...? If so, that would be Vertigo. Vertigo is also very common and for me, I get blurred vision and the room starts spinning...
Can Anxiety Cause Vision Problems? by Paul Patient Expert may not be significant it can cause blurry vision. Tunnel vision is also related to the excessive... which may temporarily cause tunnel vision. In life or death situations tunnel vision can be a life saver (literally...
@amigraineur After reading your post/reply regarding dizziness....I decided to check my blood pressure. I have been on meds for high blood pressure for a couple of years now... the past few weeks I too have been very dizz
Finding the Cause of Dizzy Spells by Dr. Charlotte Thompson Medical Doctor Dizzyness may have many causes but it is not something to take lightly if it occurs quite often. I was just told about a woman who was working very hard, was very stressed with money and other problems...
Looking into the Eye - MS and Vision by stuart Patient Expert If you've ever had double or blurred vision, eye pain or any visual limitations, you're not... sudden loss of vision, usually in one eye, blurred vision and eye pain. It is the most common MS-related...
What would cause dizziness in a very fit athlete? by Dr. Gabe M. Medical Doctor Athletes and other very fit people may feel dizzy when they rise from lying to standing because of their slow pulse rates. Exercise makes your heart stronger so it can pump more blood with each beat and it doesn't have to b
Headache Dilated pupils Blurred or double vision Pain above and behind eye Weakness and numbness... Stiff Neck Sudden blurred or double vision Sudden pain above/behind the eye or difficulty seeing...
Dizziness can be caused by injury to the neck by Carol Grant to walk properly. While there are many causes of dizziness, a very common one stems from neck injuries. The joints in the neck are covered by nerves which if injured can send wrong signals to the brain and cause...
The Top 3 Causes of Frizzy Hair by Sarah B. Patient Expert Bluz Cluz is dizzy about frizzy hair…My question is what causes frizzy hair... and swell a lot, while the other stays relatively the same. This differential swelling causes the hair shaft...
Vision Problems NOT the Cause of Dyslexia by Shelley Dannenberg Patient Expert A popular myth about dyslexia is that it is a vision problem.  Dyslexia is neurologically based, and has nothing to do with vision.  A child could have acuity problems AND dyslexia, but problems with eyesight do not cause...

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Symptoms ... e to the excess glucose in your urine, and blurred vision, caused by the lens of your eyes becoming very dr ... » Read on
Symptoms ... e to the excess glucose in your urine, and blurred vision, caused by the lens of your eyes becoming very dr ... » Read on