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Blue Dye Pregnancy Test Gave Slender Blue Line

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but what did your second test say? the test is faulty and you should take another...   there may just not be enough dye...i am having the same problem my period is 4 days late and i took a test this afternoon
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If I understand your question correctly, I say No....If you took a pregnancy test that didn't turn... Pregnancy Test Brand Sensitivity (or the hCG threshold at which a positive result is indicated...
I don't know which kind of test you are taking but I am guessing that the line in the oval is the control line... which would mean the lack of another line is a negative result
My results of the Big Blue Test in numbers, and not by Riva G. Patient Expert Saturday night at 5:46 PM Eastern Time we crossed the finish line to 100,396 views of the Big Blue Test video! It was really exciting to watch the tally rise all day knowing victory...
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The Blue Line...Again H ... by Sensationally Red Patient Expert The Blue Line...Again Here we go again! Another blue line special. A new running friend met.... They must administer an asshole test at the police academy before they sign these guys up. Sorry...Anyway...
Blue Buffalo will not release pet food test results by Therese K. Patient Expert the test results from Blue Buffalo. This is a routine request they make of pet food companies when there’s been a recall. But, unlike other companies they work with though, Blue Buffalo refused, saying their testing...
Codeine Blues: End of the Line for an Opiate with Issues by Dirk H. Patient Expert about their condition to medical or hospital personnel. Testing for the enzyme is possible, but not likely to catch...
20 Miles on the Blue Line and my Girls' First Race by Nick B. Patient Expert showed up for their run on the "Blue Line" of the marathon course. We covered the whole course with the exception... mile fun run that benefits Akron Pregnancy Services. This past Thursday, I took the girls down...

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Diagnosis ... Some tests may involve injection of a dye that can be seen on X-rays. For example: ... » Read on
Diagnosis ... If you suspect that you are pregnant, or have taken a home pregnancy test which confirms that you are pregnant, you should ... » Read on