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The Blood Sugar Hypothesis II by Matt M. Patient Expert Last year, I posted my doubts about the blood sugar hypothesis.  The blood sugar hypothesis basically says that if you balance your blood sugar and insulin levels, you will lose fat. In my earlier...
The LifeScan One Touch Ultra Smart Blood Sugar Meter by Lucy J. Patient Expert expenditure and discomfort associated with measuring your blood sugar levels. It can be tedious and painful... with new technology all the time. The One Touch Ultra blood sugar meter was a great meter when it first...
My Sugar Level - Online diabetes tracking & charting software for all diabetics by Dr. Aniruddha M. Medical Doctor My Sugar Level - Online diabetes tracking & charting software for all diabetics: "The Visual Management Tool for Diabetics Do you have diabetes? Do you take your blood sugar levels frequently...
USPSTF: Blood Pressure Trumps Blood Glucose & the Implications for Diabetes and Hypertension Disease Management by JaanS Medical Doctor of the blood glucose level in diabetes changes the incidence of heart attack or stroke. Rather, blood sugar...” should prompt a check of those past blood tests in the back of the chart and to order a screening test...
SUGAR SHOCK! Can Be Deadly: High Blood Sugar Triggers About 3.1 Million Deaths A Year, Researchers Find by Connie Bennett Healthy Living Professional dying just because their blood sugar levels soar too high. What pains me is that these deaths are, by and large, unnecessary! What it comes down to, points out WedMD Medical News, is that high blood sugar...
The Sugar Shakes: Blood Sugar, Exercise and What Not To Do (Because you know I did) by Charlotte H. Patient Expert , our blood sugar was all out of whack. This was not a new feeling for me as I used to get low blood sugar... my guts out. Solidarity, Liz!) When you’re diabetic, having your blood sugar get too low can be fatal...
Goldilocks Medicine: Blood Pressure & Blood Sugar by Alvin B. Lin Medical DoctorHealth Maven sugars too low.  Of course, we don't want high blood pressure which is hypertension, nor do we want high blood sugar which is diabetes mellitus.  And in fact, up until recently, our mantra was "lower is better...
Blood sugar, high blood pressure and cholesterol control still important for diabetics. by Dr. Matthew M. Medical Doctor intense lowering of blood sugar to normal (A1c less than 6%) prevented heart attacks and strokes.... However, though the media headlines similarly questioned the role of blood sugar control back then, the good news...
What? Foods That Act Like Sugar? by Dr. Scott ND Naturopathic DoctorFacebook index works is that a scientist will measure the blood sugar of a volunteer and then feed that volunteer a single food. After two or three hours, the volunteer’s blood sugar is measured again. What scientists...
Here. You will hear "Not all carbs are created equal" and this is true. Some carbs impact blood sugar levels faster than others. This is all part of the concepts underlying the Glycemic Index. There's

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Diagnosis ... test, known as 'visual acuity', involves reading letters from a chart in order to test your sight. The chart is known as a 'snel ... » Read on
Treatment ... Diabetes cannot be cured, but treatment aims to keep your blood glucose levels as normal as possible, and ... » Read on