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Hi, Sophie -   My understanding is that it is a blood test that shows inflammation.  It's a fairly crude test - the lab lets your blood sit and measures how its sedimentation rate - how fast...
Know your dialysis: Blood flow rate and dialysate flow rate by Kamal S. Patient ExpertHealth Maven . More dialysate means more toxins can be removed from the blood. The dialysate flow rate can also be controlled... that you get the best dialysis possible during those twelve hours. The blood flow rate and dialysate flow rate are by far...
Have you had your essential fatty acid levels checked and the levels of good cholesterol?
What would I do? Find a competent doctor and follow the advice given. In particular, eat a sensible diet made up more of fruit, vegetables and some nuts (unless allergic) and less of red meat (fish is excellent) and refined
Can RESPeRATE help lower blood pressure? by Neil Kao Medical Doctor just slightly more quickly and inefficiently. The treatments based on this aim to relax the blood vessels and to slow the heart rate mildly... reduction can help. Massage therapy, breathing exercises, or yoga can reduce blood pressure. RESPeRATE...
High Blood Sugar Linked to Mortality Rates Even in Non-Diabetics by Connie Bennett Healthy Living Professional bread, most processed crackers, etc.), which, of course raise your blood sugar levels. Groundbreaking... that elevated blood sugar levels in people without diabetes have a greater likelihood of dying early. In fact...
Childhood Obesity Rates Rise While Blood Pressure Falls by Len S. Patient Expert From WLS….. The rising rate of childhood obesity in the U.S. did not coincide with a rise in blood pressure among children, according to a study published in the journal Pediatrics. The study...
Typically, people with CFS have extremely LOW sed rates, often between 0 - 3.  I'm not sure, though, whether EVERYone with CFS has a low sed rate or whether some people have a high sed rate.   Sed rate is a measure...
Quick update on Keats by Rachael .. Patient Expert His Sed rate from last week was still elevated, but it has come down from the week prior. So he has to have another blood test on Wednesday to see if its come down again. Regardless of that test we are going to ask...
Tests & Diagnostics for Arthritis by Well Med Here is a list of some of the common tests and diagnostics for Arthritis: Arthrocentesis Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate Rheumatoid Factor Test Sedimentation Rate Of course...

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Diagnosis ... ation rate (ESR) and C reactive protein (CRP) are both types of blood tests that can detect inflammatory conditions. (see blood ... » Read on
Diagnosis ... beat has an extra or unusual sound. It is caused by a disturbed blood flow through the heart. If you already have a heart murmur ... » Read on