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hayley2222 newcastle, UK
Stephanie S. Jewett California
Stephanie Shore Jewett, RN, MBA I was born and raised in Iowa and I was very close to my... More
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David T. Greenspun, M.D., is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon specializing in microsurgical... More
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Supercharged HCG is basically a hormone which is produced by the pregnant woman’s placenta.... More

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blood by Lupus Nephritis .. Patient Expert Who knew you could lose enough blood from a bloody nose to need a transfusion?? Apparently, that happens. I haven't been feeling too well, losing lots of blood lately to the point...well I can't move...
Low Iron Levels In Blood Give Clue To Blood Clot Risk by Ed H. Doctor of Pharmacy People with low levels of iron in the blood have a higher risk of dangerous blood clots... with an inherited blood vessel disease suggests that treating iron deficiency might be important for preventing...
Drops of blood by Peter Olson Patient ExpertFacebook , but it was blood that was running out of my nose this time.  I quickly went to the restroom and jammed toilet paper... with my nose plugged up. No more blood from my nose, so far today. Life is so fragile. I'm thankful...
A Busted Lip, A Bloody Nose, and Tulips by Stephanie B. Patient Expert Remember that childhood song about monkeys jumping on the bed? Well, a certain little boy decided to jump off the bed this morning. And not the little boy bed either, the big bed. He seems to think that he is a cat and will l
Gets up my nose! by Nigel Patient Expert tube hanging out of my mouth and the other out of my nose.....not a pretty sight! I've seen this trick...
Blackheads on the nose and cheek are act by Mary Pougnet Patient Expert Blackheads on the nose and cheek are actually the result of oxidation, a chemical reaction involving oxygen and sebum. #MaryWoznyHealth
Migraines and bloody noses by Francine R. Patient Expert . And then Micah is getting repeated bloody noses, especially during swimming, AND he's gone back to pooping in his pants...and bathing suits... Obviously something is going wrong, but other than blood and poop...
uncommon to experience nose bleeds in pregnancy due to the increased circulating volume of blood... tonsils), it should be a high priority. The nose bleeds can be taken care of by an Ear Nose & Throat...
Catherine Zeta Jones Before the Nose Job by Meg W. Patient Expert as though she may have gotten a nose job early in her career based on the before and after photos shown here. ...

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How it works ... The inside of your nose is lined with many tiny blood vessels. When these blood vessels are irritated by somethi ... » Read on
Causes ... n a runny nose and sneezing. Vasomotor rhinitis The blood vessels inside your nose help to control the flow of mucus ... » Read on