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Blood In Semen And Urine

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Painful urination typically makes me think of either a bladder/kidney infection or a sexually transmitted disease/infection.  Bloody urine is consistent with bladder/kidney infections...
Sorry but I'm not sure I understand your line of question.  Urine drug tests can only work on urine samples.  In other words, the equipment used to run a urine drug test won't work on blood.  If you want...
No painful urination, no frequent urination, no back pain.  Doesn't sound like a stone or urinary tract infection.  However, especially in smokers, we worry about painless bloody urine as a sign...
Is your puppy spayed?  Are you sure she is not in heat?   Any other symptoms?  lack of appitite?   listless,  difficulty or straining in urinating?   
Take a urine sample to your vet... Any other symptoms?  Is she eating normally?  as active and happy as ever?   More information please...
Did they do a urine culture and see if any bacteria grew?  Any crystals in urine... so I called the rescue to ask that they check her out and they wanted a urine sample.  It came back high...
Warning TMI--Blood in urine by Marathon Mommies !. Patient Expert it, and I found some things that really freaked me out that had to do with blood in the urine after running long distances... and noticed that my urine was very bloody.  I have had this in the past with a kidney stone, so I figured...
Check for blood in urine, urges kidney cancer campaign by Niell A. Patient ExpertFacebook the campaign  Posted by Neill Abayon If you see blood in your urine, even if it is just once...-year survival rate is close to 97%, compared with about 32% at a late stage.  Visible blood...
Why the HCG blood test is better than a home urine pregnancy test by Dr. Aniruddha M. Medical Doctor Blood tests for checking the beta HCG level are better than home urine pregnancy tests... only after the blood HCG levels cross more than about 30-50 mIU/ml). Other reasons the urine test can be incorrectly...
Undetectable HIV Viral Load in the Blood? Not Necessarily in Semen, Boston HIV Study Finds by Nelson V. Patient Expert Can someone with no detectable HIV virus in their blood due to successful HIV treatment infect someone? "Undetectable viral loads in blood is not a guarantee that HIV is also undetectable in semen, according...

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Diagnosis ... rostate is massaged with a finger. Your doctor may also do a blood test that measures your PSA (prostate specific antigen). P ... » Read on
Symptoms ... n in it. Blood in the semen Finding blood ... » Read on